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Mr Extra

I just wanna do a thing, make it cool, and get better at it. Input, critical and otherwise, is always appreciated.

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A short list of current projects I'm working on. Comments/criticism is always appreciated.

Lights Sparkling in the Dark: a Writeoff entry.

The Great Everfree Fire: longest running project. Keeps getting longer.

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Lessons I've learned on FimFiction

Eiken - Stories don't end, not even when you get a "Happily Ever After", and every journey has consequences.
Fervidor - Every story is just a smaller part of a whole, and you have to decide which part you're trying to tell.
Somber - Plot armor makes you invaluable to the story, but beatings still apply.
AestheticB - Sometimes the best way to write a story is to change one thing about the world, and see what happens.
Pen Stroke - The best way to challenge an all powerful god is to put them in a room where smiting someone doesn't help.
SS&E - Sometimes it feels like it takes half an hour for your character to cross a room. Sometimes that's okay.
MadMaxtheBlack - Mary Sue's are hard to weed out. Make sure they're fallible, both when it does and doesn't matter.
TwistedSpectrum - The best thing about writing your own story is that you get to tell it the way you want. Even if other people don't like it.
Cold in Gardez - Stories about ponies are stories about people.
Kkat - Any virtue, taken to it's extreme, is a vice. Any vice, in moderation, is a virtue. Do better.
Mecanimus - "His father was perhaps helped by the hand of fate, but it was his competence that carried the story forward"
R. Kiyosaki - Good stories have a point, something to say, be it a lesson or an exploration, or just a bit of silly fun. They mean something, otherwise they feel empty.
SSS-Suicide Hunter - To become a Demon is to resent your own weakness. To curse the cruelty of the world, and to forge yourself into a blade to strike back at that world for the crime of making you live in it.
Unknown - People are scenery with faces. Describe them. And Focus on the in-between, stories aren't bullet points.
Me - Life is just a movie without the soundtrack.


I Don't Know Why That Took So Long · 8:20am Apr 20th, 2021

Have you ever thought to yourself "I'm really, really dumb"? Cause that's how I'm feeling right now.

I put up Monsters Never Die and, as requested by some in the comments, I wrote an epilogue that I had in mind. And then I thought it wasn't good enough.

So I did a little agonizing over it, and a little tiny editing, and then I all but abandoned it in GDocs folder for over a year. Just like the first chapter.

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Mr E is my dad. You can call me Vestigial. 😏

Hanging in there, Mr E? 😎

Apologies that this is late, but thank you very much for the fav and the watch! I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

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