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Chrysalis hadn't expected her Canterlot wedding to be interrupted, but she could handle that. She is after all a powerful, cunning, and well fed Queen of a changeling hive. Her plans were too perfect and too far along to fall apart because of one small hitch in the script.

Or so she thought.

She really hadn't expected the second interruption. It made things a little awkward.

A.N.- Special thanks to Thebes for prereading.
Edit- Featured 07/19/2021 Woo hoo! Thanks everyone.:pinkiehappy:

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“Oh,” said Chrysalis, “that is a good idea. With the power of friendship anything is possible. King Tegmine should come too. Maybe there will even be a pony who gets their cutiemark making love for changelings.”

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who pictured Chrysalis getting railed by the king while this was happening?

No? Just me? I'm the only sicko?

This is one of those stories that you just know will end up in the featured list.

If 'fixfics' weren't so widely condemned as the worst thing worse than pure evil, I'd say it's pretty good when a mere filly writes such a good one inside your own framing story. :rainbowwild:
So let's just call it an AU, and everything should be ok. :twilightsmile:

Then Rainbow Dash showed up and detonated a Rainboom right above the two changelings. All the bugs exploded and Rainbow Dash was given twelve medals for bravery and being really cool.

Well Scootaloo clearly doesn’t know how to write.

Yeah it’s just you.

Was waiting for Luna to appear from offscreen and shout "Haha! The bug has been doubled!"

Right up to the end it was amazing. The part with rainbow was where the story went awol .

Ok so Sweetie found Twilight's fanfic folder including a ship fic for Chyrasis... And I'm guessing Pinkie read draft with more adult themes?

I feel cheated that this was fake.

:rainbowlaugh: Exquisite. Brilliant blend of tension, humor, and innocent idealism. That one poor actual pony...

Thank you for this.

Damm, I want to see Sweetie’s story finished now.

“I-I don’t understand.” Applejack said as she and the rest of the bridesmaids began backing away from the imposter. “How can there be two of ‘em?”

Horns locked together. Sputtering green magic flared as they tried to gain the upper hoof with a spell only to be countered by the other. The deadly game reached a standstill as the two stayed locked together, eyes promising unspeakable pain to the other. They stood head to head, nose to nose, lip to lip.
And then they kissed.

Cadance: "Just as planned. That should keep their two hives well-fed, so they won't bother Equestria any longer. Additionally I managed to extend my list of successful couples."

Well, I didn't expected that kind of twist.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Callipygian? C'mon, Pinkie, you were there, you should know Queen Chrysalis has no ass.

"Brothers! Brothers! We should be struggling together!"

"We are!"

-- Monty Python's Life of Brian, after the Campaign for a Free Galilee and the Judean People's Front encounter each other in Pilate's palace.

From the mess of limbs rolled a pegasus in gold armor, a large blue star emblazoned on his breastplate. He was singed, cut, and covered in soot, his breath coming in coughing gasps.

“Stop!” he yelled, wings splaying to arrest his momentum. “Changeling! Attack! They’ve impersonated--”

Then he froze suddenly, eyes focused on the groups standing before the altar. Twilight, Princess Cadance, Celestia, Shining Armor, Applejack, and the changeling still wearing the remains of a wedding dress stared at the silent newcomer. His mouth opened, paused, then closed as if he thought better of it. Instead he slowly backed into the twisted pile of limbs, his eyes never leaving the strange scene. With one free hoof he reached into the pile of bodies to poke at one of them.

Who else immediately imagined this was Flash Sentry?

Well, I learned a new word, so... Success?


Thanks for the love everyone. Even if it didn't turn out quite how you expected I am glad that you enjoyed it.

I guess you'll have to tune in next time for the next exciting issue of SWEET SELATIOUS SHIPFICS!!

I'm kidding, I can't write romance, please don't make me! Read Monochromatic instead!


Neigh! She has quite a royal rump!

Technically, it's all fake.

Because it's a fanfic?

Are you suggesting that the official show is things that actually happened in reality? Because I'm merely pointing out that it isn't, and that an additional layer of fictionality means basically nothing in practice.

Cutie Mark Crusader fan fiction writers.

We live in a (hive) society

This was incredibly silly and also incredibly hot... wait, what?

Are you suggesting that this is what I'm talking about and not the "it was just a dream/kid's story" thing? Jfc I'm talking about an unreliable narrator here. Christ you're trying to sound smart and it's baffling to me. No wait. I got it. You're a troll. Bye.

I stan Twilight feeling funny feelings in her stomach when Ponkers talks about buttz.

Pretty sure that would be the mother of all toxic relationships.

She giggled internally at the sound of Princess Celestia’s socked gasp.

Did they put a sock in her mouth? ^^;;;

poker game, who’s other participants

But then... it may well be Sweetie Belle making mistakes ^^;;;

I'm socked that no one noticed that before now. And I would totally correct it... but I like your head cannon too much.

Bravo good sir. Sweetie Belle is now officially only pretty good at spelling.

This was pretty funny NGL, have a like.

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