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Side Story of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record

After starting their mission to bring peace between the Hive and Equestria, the Elements of Harmony and Chrysalis find themselves split in to groups of two inside a world of chaos, with no recollection of how they arrived there. Working together in their groups, everypony must face a unique set of hurdles to overcome.

Working against them, the Hive Zodiac Council, who want nothing more than to control Chrysalis's armies, and take over the world, even if reaching that end means committing regicide.

The world of chaos they're trapped in, however, is not a product of the Hive Council. it was made by two Elements of Harmony, who both lost control of their bodies to chaotic beings within them.

These groups will fight it out for the victory, which one will come out on top?

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65.5k? Oh sweet merciful gods... There goes my night. This is going to be good.


I am so ready for this. KoH I really hope that the wait is worth it and judging by the rest of this series I can grantee it will be. Time to dive in.:rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:

65.5k holy shit dude.

My god look at that word count, well it ain't gonna read it self.

Nor are a lot of casual readers.


This will take a while to read.
I'm so excited! :pinkiehappy:

65k? This will take me awhile to get through.

6746561 Night? Mate, this majestic amount of words I'll need to read in a 4-day run!

That is a lot of words. Can't wait to read it.

Putting this in my read later list.

damn between NFire's 97k word chapter of Legacy and now this I have a lot of reading to do

the description makes me think yu-gi-oh. Specifically the digital world arc, where yugi and the gang get trapped in a world where if they lose a duel, they lose their bodies and get turned into a little monkey thing.

That's a whole lot of words.

Oh? I guess I forgot to follow you while I waited for this story.

WHAT. POSTED YESTERDAY? The one day I decide to check and my timing was only a day off, huh.

Nice word count tho. I'll never definitely read all those words.

Did you make a destiny refrence? Lol that's awesome if you did.or was it the Norse mythology? Either way.


I've finished it! and it only took me 6 hours.

“Well, don’t eat too many,” Trixie warned, walking over and knocking a couple of good-looking apples across the grass, where she could eat them without worrying about butting heads with Pinkie, “Remember that one time Applejack ate all those apples and got a wicked bad tummy ache?” “I remember telling her not to eat so many!” Pinkie said, before leaning down and taking a chomp out of her first apple, happily sighing as she swallowed the first bite, “So did Dashie!”

“Well, Fluttershy said we can always come in to her house, but not her shed,”

.mov references.

“Virgo tried to marry one of you?” Chrysalis asked, holding back her laughter, “Hmm… while I’ll have him thrown in prison after this stunt, it would have been nice to see him lose his virginity before his cellmate takes it!”


“I’m sorry-“ Chet began, “What did you say your name was again?” “Stag,” The pony on the other side of the wall answered.


I gotta ask this: Where did you get such a nice artwork as cover for this story, like the artwork of Applejack and Fluttershy, because I want to see that artist's rendition of other MLP characters.


Hover your mouse over the cover art and click the 'source ' button that shows up in the bottom right of the image, it takes you to her page.

Nice chapter. Only two and a half hours reading though, no idea why everyone is complaining about it being too long. I still want more.
Also anyone else for a PiXie ship?

Jesus christ man!

Split this shit into chapters!

I want to take a look, but I'd like some breaks between doing so.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Sorry man, these chapters are this size by design. I plan on releasing one that's 3-4x the length of this one when the time comes.


Hehe hehe heh.

Gjallarhorn was forged from the armor of fallen guardians after the battle at Twilight gap.

I've read some lore here and there from the game.

6749062 That is some quality reading skill... 2 and half an hour... christ, dude. I take like close to 1 hour for 6-8 thousand words!:applejackconfused:

Not even halfway through and I thought this would be relevant.

God...damn! Almost twelve hours reading this and I'm finally done.

You really should've broken this into smaller chapters, it would've been a lot easier to pick out all the spelling, grammatical, punctuation and continuity errors that are scattered in this side story.

One big error, which was a continuity error, by the way, was that Rarity said that AJ's dark side wasn't named, yet during the part where she was trying to be wakened up, AJ did mention it by name.

You should really go over these with a fine-toothed comb and weed out the errors before posting.

One other thing, we didn't get to see AJ deal with her dark side. Other than that, it was pretty powerful. Thanks for continuing this story.

6749905 usually people just think I skim it and don't get details, then get shocked when I point out things they missed when reading. I must be a mutant superhero with the ability to read quick.


Sorry man, can't break it up. I love the single chapter, it's how we roll around here, you know that! Make sure you get ready for the 200,000 finale.

As for errors, it happens. It's not stinking with them, I'm sure a good amount were missed though. I just needed to get it published, and fix the problems later. I was having a harder and harder time going back in to the story as time went on. It needed to come out before I went crazy.

And the continuity error was just a quick change i made last minute regarding her using her name at all. Deceit isn't going to be shown any more than she has at this point. She was accepted before the story took place.

6752354 So... what? Whenever a big Encyclopedia should be pre-read/edited and published in 1 hour, we just aim a big spotlight into the sky with a book, and you'll appear on a flying scroll?:rainbowlaugh:

Just kidding, mate.:twilightsmile:

With Syphon underlined like that, all I can hear when I read it is a dramatic music sting.

That's what I was afraid of...

Still a good story, though. You might want to change the cover since it's... deceptive.


That's not entirely true. I may adjust a couple of lines to give her glowing green eyes, but the story did largely feature the two of them.

That and the image cost me 75ish dollars.

Holy shit KOH great goddamn story, i found 2 .mov references lmao idk if there were any more. It was definable worth the wait lol, a great early christmas present. Thank you!!!! Also... How come its still marked as incomplete?

6752399 Actually, that sounds quite cool, although I'd substitute the scroll for a flying book. What could be more majestic than riding on the spine of a powerful book flapping its wings to take me to my next vict- I mean- client?

Does anybody know WHAT THE HELL happened to Aurora? Trixie's worked up about her, I think see died but, I don't recall it being talked about.

might want to update the main story to link to this, like all the other side stories. it is the next arc for the story i assume right? will read in a bit. thanks once again for writing this, one of my favorite stories. also for the rewrite when does it start differing in story and not just a rewrite, haven't read it as wasn't sure it would differ much, your input would be appreciated also how mature will it be, just not holding back any adult humor in it and risque or falls into the clop a bit? thanks!


I'll link when I toss up a new chapter in a couple days here, don't want to go breaking site rules or anything by promoting the chapter.

The rewrite officially deviated from the original with the most recent chapter, where Alex isn't forgiven after Griffon the Brush Off. I'm going to play up the love/hate of it all between the two.

Finally, the humor will be incredibly risque, but I won't cross the line in to clop. If someone else wants to write it like last time, I'll use it so long as i can fit it in, and it's not OOC.

Picked up this Fic 5 days ago and am hooked.

I'm at the point were I am waiting for updates on the chapters so...

Is there any Fic like OTR that I could read while waiting for next update ?

I'm surprised. I managed to get through this monstrosity before the New Year. This story was definitely full of surprises and twists and turns.:twistnerd: I just hope when the next big story comes, that it is broken up into chapters. 65,000 words is no joke.:twilightoops:

If Alpha was the cactus, then what was the tap( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


To be honest, the tap was lower on his body until I realized the connotation.

I made it his nose.

Why of course what else could it be...

Kiiiinggggg where are you??? Where have you been???? Have you fallen??? Can you not get up??? Do you need life alert?!?!?!?! Come back to us KoH!!! I cant survive with the OTR withdrawl!!!!.....
I dont really feel like rereading the whole series for the third time while waiting for an update....


Alex had to be a dumb ass, it's who he is. I mean, this story wasn't really about him either, so I didn't want him having anything to do with saving the day, that was for the other characters.

And, the story would be lame if he was any more of a super hero than he already is. There's plenty of parts where he gets to be a badass, this just isn't one of them.

You now those PDAs the council had could be reversed engineered into the first PiPBucks for I don't know Maybe fallout equestria Off The Record what do you think ministry stallion Alex

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