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Off shoot of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record.

After several nights filled with horrible dreams, Rarity comes face to face with the dark side of her soul in her sleep, as it attempts to convince her that she is truly a horrible pony on the inside.

During this battle within Rarity, the entity that once controlled Princess Luna takes notice of her momentary weakness, and decides to use the opportunity to seize one of the Elements of Harmony, as to guarantee her safety from being sealed away once again.

However, the overflowing dominance from Rarity and her dark side, starts to crawl into Nightmare's mind, making her question whether or not she should continue with trying to conquer Equestria, or perhaps take a different route.

Cover art here! It was money well spent!


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Just downloaded this, can't wait to read it.

preemptive like and fave :pinkiehappy:

God damn King, nearly 34k words. You're gonna kill a man with that much literature!

Can't this please be split up into multiple chapters? Please? I don't know when I'll have enough time to sit down and read this beginning to end. And we don't have functioning site bookmarks either. . . .

So..... What happens now? Surely when rarity wakes up there's going to have to be explanations and an aftermath to this

couldn't you split this up?


One shots are just kinda how i like to do it... I could number certain scene changes, so you could CTRL+F to the number you last remember seeing. But I don't want to split it and reenter them as individual chapters. I like having the singe chapter.

34k freaking words
Will read later...

These one-shots are always incredible.

I felt bad for Nightmare, I kinda wished she opted to reside in Rarity's subconscious, that would've opened up a lot of possible interactions, not just between the two of them, but with everyone else as well.

Will the epilogue be the next chapter of the main story?

I read this from the beginning, reading every chapter and one-shot in a week, before the end of what I compiled as the first volume.

Download it, read up to a certain point and create your own bookmark.

Don't change a thing, KoH.

The title says it all.

But only if you read all the story. :raritycry:

Well. That was long. Not entirely sure why you separate these stories but well done.

And apparently Alex believes he's Manbearpig.

“I’m not even that much of a man,” Alex shook his head, pursing his lips together and frowning, “I’m like, half man, half bear... and half pig.”


It's Manbearpig.

Damn. Feels

It was almost as if the entity that decided Alex should be both a unicorn, and Pegasus, wasn’t thinking at the time, and easily could have made him just one or the other. But, after so long, he was now committed to him being an alicorn, and couldn’t change it without significant effort. Which, was something that he simply didn’t want to put in at the moment.

I see what you did there. Lol. :scootangel:

I think the most important question here, the one everyone seems to be avoiding, is when did you change your avatar?


I'll tell you when i changed it, if you can tell me where i got that picture.

Sounds like a fair trade.

34K words...
A great way to procrastinate on physics homework! :pinkiecrazy:

Poor Nightmare. Not much they could really do about it tho

Dammit king. The amount of feels here is just....just dammit. You almost made me cry with this one. :fluttershysad:

~ Super-Brony12

This is awesome. I was a little intimidated by the word count, but it was well worth the time to read this! I didn't see any glaring grammar mistakes, either, but I wasn't really looking, so don't take my word for it or anything. The way everything worked out was intriguing, and I loved what you did with Nightmare Moon and gave her a character, a personality that made us love her, instead of the canon blob of starry smoke that got less screen time than Tom.

And I apologize for not getting back to you about the cover art so long ago, that was during a tumultuous time at my house, but it looks great and fits the story really well. :twilightsmile:


No worries about not getting back. I was just interested in your opinion on the basic outline of what i had, since i was trying to deviate from the overused Nightmare, to something a little different.

I'm glad you liked how it turned out though! I was wondering how it would all be received after i posted it, but it looks like people have enjoyed it!

You and about a hundred other people.

The sad song from this clip is what i was hearing as she was changed and destroyed.

Ho god! It's ManBearPig ! :twilightoops:

Dear...god this was amazing. Seriously, I think I have like a mind erection right now because of how awesome this was, as usual you craft nothing but elegance.


I'm glad we can share this erection together.

But to be fair, i kinda always have one.

4204371 You should really get that checked out.

34k words... This is gonna make me lose 5 years off my life.


We all believe in you! Besides, whats five years? That's only like, 5% of your entire life! That's almost nothing!

4206255 the amount of sleep I will lose can be considered harmful to the body.

I also saw Jupiter and 4 moons in my telescope today I can die happy.

so I started reading this... and then later I came out feeling hungry, but at the same time so very satisfied of spending my time meaningfully
this was amazing :rainbowlaugh:


I'm happy to hear you were starving to continue reading!

Will there be a sequel of some sort?


Well, the main story will continue. This is a sequel of sorts itself, and is canon to my story Off The Record. Everything that is mentioned in this story has happened in that story. And everything that will happen after Lament, will also be in that story.

4224899 Oooh, okay then. I guess I have a lot more reading to do.

4199648 Well, this was certainly different! It looks like this story has hit the feature box again, too, so hopefully you'll get even more slightly-psychotic over-devoted readers. :pinkiecrazy:


Hopefully. I won't be satisfied until someone is so devoted to me that they want to murder me.

That's the dream!

4245810 Keep writing like this and I just might make that dream come true.
If you start writing worse, I'll murder you anyway. :derpytongue2:


Well, there goes the plan to put WAY less effort into my story. I guess I'll do the opposite of that. So... restart the whole thing, putting in tons of effort?

I like that one. Maybe get it into Equestria Daily shape for all 400,000 words.

Boom. It's happening. From the beginning.

Thank you!

4246992 ...I've aided in creating a monster...
Are you sure you want to rewrite 100 chapters, not counting the several-chapter side stories and Lament's 33k words?
And don't forget about that language arts assignment you never turned in when you were in middle school. Gotta redo that too.


Well, with two extra editors on my side, and a much better understanding of writing, I think it's about time i stop being lazy and fix all the problems already. It might take me a little while, but I think it'll be great to fix the grammar, add scenes to fill plot holes, and overall make things way better.

And If i have to redo that one language arts assignment, then so be it! I just hope Ms. Moore will still let me hand it in. It's only about 5 years late.

Oh my bucking manure face. This was so beutiful. It had laughs it had deep stuff it has feels. I cant even Good job sir. I should probly censor some of my profanity. *Edits*. Dang this was so good it drove me to cursing. Luckiliy I regained control before I submitted the comment.

Wow. That was an interesting story. So you have decided to give all the counter parts names. I wonder what Twi's going to be. Also Fluttershy. that could be interesting. Best of luck.

Sooo... Celestia and discord?? Anyone? What happened to them? xD

Gotta love South Park

And as if on cue, Nightmare felt her mind start to warp, as she started to see nothing but provocative images of Rainbow Dash

After leaving for a while, I come back and read this.

I missed you so fucking much man.

I'll even proofread for you, because your grammar sucks ass past the level of okay and into the realm of 'Hory Sheet.' I'm so fucking selfless it's amazing.


Don't you play me on that homie. I'm so much more selflesser than you. I do ALL the editing for this story.

And as for the grammar, blame the fricking editor. That asshole sucks.

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