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Off shoot of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record.

Alex is teleported 3 months in to the future, where he finds that winter has passed, and Rainbow Dash is gone.
Now, he and Spike must set out to Manehattan in an effort to make things go back to the way they used to be.

On the way, they meet all sorts of new ponies. From a cheeky butler, to a creepy middle aged pony named Cuddly.

Can they catch the Rainbow before they run out of time?

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I will find time to read this later-no, I will MAKE TIME. This'll probably be the longest FiMfiction.net story I've read. Ever. :rainbowderp: Whatever. Could you read my story and tell me how it is? :pinkiehappy:



I think this takes first prize in my competition for best story EVAR!!
Seriously great job. Now to wait for more main story with anticipation. :pinkiehappy:

I'll admit that I didn't read the story in its entirety, mostly because I was panicking throughout and just had to get to the end. I am upset that Comet didn't accidently have a lethal accident or anything though.

Sorry but this just wont get out of my head: Raritys a pedo now? Twilight was 5-7 when he was hatched and rarity seems slightly older than the rest of the mane six.

So she's prob around 18-22 and in a relationship with a 13-15 year old.....Creepy...:pinkiesick:


Spike aged because of the heart's desire. It's a few chapters ago.

He got kicked forward a few years. Twilight still treats him as young, however.

Hope you accept that. If not, whatever.


But is he not still mentally young which is what matters? Pedos can make the same excuse, ever heard of that saying: child of mind, woman of body?

Still very disturbing... turned a innocent childhood crush into something....else...

Whew! ust finshed reading, which took me 2 HOURS. :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: Anyway, it was worth it! Like and Favorite!


I've always seen the Mane six as being in their early to mid 20's (Some of them run their own businesses after all, and they almost all have their own homes), which I would figure would put Spike around the 17-19 mark. Turn him into a pony I don't see why the magic couldn't have matured him a little as well. I mean I'm a grown man who likes My Little Pony but I don't think most people would call me immature :derpytongue2:

Wow... I am amazed by the SHEER amount of words that just went through my brain :pinkiehappy:

It was great how you also recapped what happened during those months using flashbacks.

I also liked how you made us... "dislike" Comet until the end. At the end I only wanted to throw something at her rather than do the unspeakable :pinkiecrazy:

Okay maybe that is exaggerating. But now I see why you wanted it as one huge thing, splitting it up into different parts would be like having a movie and having an intermission right before the climax.

Thank you for overloading my mind with radicalness :rainbowwild:,


Rarity is the only one who actually owns a business and she seems quite a bit more matured than the others, applejack works under her older brother and grandmother, and pinkie is just working for the cake family.

And I consider that in a innocent world like theirs its not unusual for them to leave home to strike out for themselves pretty young compared to us... so I consider the mane six from 17-22, rainbow dash the youngest followed by pinkie then fluttershy then twilight / applejack then rarity being the oldest.


Again, whatever. I'm not out to please people who use Pedo at every turn. Especially when it's an MLP story.

Look past it, or go somewhere else.


I agree with The King.

Is spike a pony?


He is. I hope that doesn't make Rarity a Pedo

1611517 So what Chapters dose this take place because I just started the Main Story?


This takes place after "the short road."

Its winter wrap up chronologically.

If I could, i would like this 50x:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This is so Awesofantabulimazing!

Simply awesome.:moustache:


I wont try to change how you see them in age, but in the show when they get their Cutie Mark, they all seems to be in same age give or take one year max

Couldn't help myself. .. Started to read at midnight, now it's 2am :rainbowlaugh:
Sleep is for the weak! Glad I have a day off tomorrow anyway :twilightsheepish:
Really amazingly done! Caught attention and didn't let go at all. A few grammar errors here and there but it wasn't disrupting to the overall experience at all.
However I feel you could have just posted this within the story itself as a new chapter - lenght is no problem, I've already read a 50k word chapter previously so yeah :rainbowlaugh:
As long as it's well written, the lenght ceases to be an issue. And this WAS well written :twilightsmile:
Can't wait for more!


A large amount amount of my editing was lost, but i still knew that it was presentable, so i decided to post anyway, and give it a fix later.

Sorry about the small issues, haha.


I plan on finishing season one.


I really don't know. if i kept going, i would be getting up to something like, 750,000 words. It really depends on how I'm feeling when i finish season one.

I think finishing the story at the gala would be a great climax :twilightsmile:
If so... would there be any possible bonus chapters afterwards? :rainbowhuh:


Well, I plan on having the climax be just after the Gala. I was considering having Discord ruin the Gala, but my plans for him are far too large to have him stopped in one night like that. So, the gala will be the last happy chapter before i move into the endgame.

Okay, that makes sense!

I was kinda expecting a possible Discord revival BEFORE the gala, maybe in episode 25 or between 25 and 26. Then happy times and a happy ending involving all the wrongs in the episode going right or something. :pinkiehappy:


That's also what i had kind of planned, but if i write a sequel, then it's going to drastically change the ending. so i decided to play it safe, and allow myself to make the end happy, or sad, or whatever.

Ah... So will the sequel be an alt universe Equestria, or be a collection of unique stories.

Actually, because you are the author, I don't need to know.

:flutterrage:SURPRISE ME!!

WHY IS THIS SO AWESOME?!:rainbowderp:

I think I should Start on this.


Dude, what the fuck? I finished reading OTR before finding out about this story.... cbf reading it now already know what happens. but Faved and liked anyways :)

2816443 haha same thing happened to me! I was extremely confused in the later chapters.


Well, i hope you liked it!

I'll try to make it more obvious so other people don't make the same mistake.

2841289 It's coss he didn't put in a link in his main story about this one like he did with the time travel one


I didn't put a link, but I did say at the end of "the short road," that it was the next chapter. It's in the authors note at the bottom.

2842463 oh, sometimes I don't read the Authors notes if some epic shit went down that I'm so psyked about that I have to read the next chapter straight away

It was totally epic, I love reading your writing. Can't wait for more! :)


I'm very happy to hear that! Thanks.

I cannot express the amount of feels that you have invoked into my heart in this moment. I wish to congratulate you and give you all of the internets, as well as the house that I own and all of the money currently in my possession. Wait...now I have to go and explain all of this to Eli...I really hope I don't break into more tears.


Just email the cash, and house to me. I'll find a way to work out downloading and getting it into 3d format... I'm sure there's a tutorial somewhere.

Thanks for the continued comments as well!

No problem, and now that I've spent two hours catching Eli up, we can go ahead and continue ridiculing me reviewing the main story.

I don’t think I could even preform them myself.


“He’s doing that right thing!”

"the right thing".

Uhm. I don't really see why this couldn't be part of the original story... Upthumberies delivered and so are faves, but again... Why not just have it be part of the story? It seems to have several important parts that tie into it, and it's not a sequel or anything, just a reeeeally long chapter.

Oh well.

And now I must diverge from reading the main story to read this one.
I really need to continue reading An Alternate Path today too...
Uhg, too many stories *feints*

EDIT: hehe, off the record of Off the Record.

a decent enough story. But i think instead of just pumping them out you gotta slow down and tale a look at what you have written, as the story needs a lot of polish.

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