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I need O.C · 10:49pm Mar 8th, 2018

So I’m gonna need some characters for a flash back scene that’s coming for the next chapter.

If anyone would like to suggest one or a few then please drop down in the comments or D.M me about there information.

And please no over powered O.C’s. I mean it’s fine to have one but I wouldn’t make any sense storyline wise... granted I’d just take away there powers anyway... but you know It would make life a little easier at least


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too bad those arnt blue

just asking, but when will you get to A Life Filled With Pink?

thanks so much for the follow, love the avatar :scootangel:

I finished hey batty, batty great read by the way, and I just finished reading the first chapter of hey batty, batty 2 and I can't wait to read how the next chapter will turn out. I give hey batty, batty 11 out of 10 :yay:

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