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Brony from Elmira, NY. I have a crush on Rainbow Dash, Spike and Tempest Shadow. I am building my own world in Cities Skylines.

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Hello, and welcome to my FIMFiction Page!
My name is Jordan, but you can also call me by my username, Jdog84
Also Your welcome for all the likes/faves and more :twilightsmile:
(and thanks for the thank yous)

Well, I am a Furry & A Brony.
Which means I am also in the Furry Fandom. More Info? Check These WikiFur Article or Wikipedia Article
Were To Find Me :
(To see all websites I am on / All my official accounts please see my website by clicking here)
(Websites in Italic are sites I own)
- TheJdog84 (Main Personal Furry/Brony Website) - http://thejdog84.weebly.com
- Jlong Computer Services (Main Website / Company Website) - http://jlongcompservices.weebly.com
- Long Family Pets (Personal Family Pets Website) - http://longfamilypets.weebly.com
- Jlong Designs (My Personal Art / 3D Art / Photo Site) - http://jlongdesigns.weebly.com
- Brony YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/@Jdog84MLP

Also there are certain site accounts that I only have linked from my FurAffinity & Inkbunny accounts were you must be signed in to view.

*Updated on 4/2/2024*


Cities Skylines City Building Project (With MLP) · 5:56am Jun 24th, 2017

(Moved to a blog, so you can comment on this project of mine)
Jlong Cities Project
This project is a project were I am building multiple fictional cities & towns (based on the real world map & my own fictional places). I have added Equestria (as its own country) in the southeast of New York State & northeast of Pennsylvania. It might to be totally to scale though. Below list some of the major highways in this project (lot are pony below) :

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Howdy howdy, and thank you for the favorite!

Thanks for the fave on Passing the Torch.

Heyo, did I ever say you were really cool? Because you’re really cool. Thx for the fav! :yay:

Thanks for the favourite on Trixie's Infiltration!

Thank you for watching!

Thanks so much for the watch! :D

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Glad to see that you enjoyed Ed, Edd n Eddy Equestrian Mis-Edventures! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you so much for adding 7 x 13 = 28, DUH! to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Glad to see that you enjoyed You Can't Eat Gold! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thanks for faving You're Under Arrest. Don't forget to give a like. :twilightsmile:

Hey man, gotta say thanks for the recent faves and stuff from you in recent weeks. I love the idea of producing work people enjoy. I've got plenty more where that came from in the near future.

On the basis of your bio, here's some cute art:

Thanks for faving Summer Date. :yay: Don't forget to give it a like.

Thanks for the faves on "New Neighbor", "Shy Girl", and "GOAL!" Glad you enjoyed them! :raritywink::yay::rainbowkiss:

And thanks for the fave on "Farm Hand: Apply Within", too! :ajsmug:

Hey, you finished The Steam Collection! Thanks! :pinkiehappy::scootangel:

Thanks for favoriting My Sparkle.

Thank you for the fave on Hit The Showers! :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks for the fav on several of my stories, hope you enjoy the reads

Oh, hey! Thanks so much for that! I really, really appreciate you giving me a Watch, and I hope that I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

1922370 Your very welcome. I loved every bit of the story. Also just gave you a Follow.

Thank you very, very much for adding my story Every Little Bit to your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you enjoyed my little peek into the worlds of Dash and Spike.:twilightsmile:

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