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Brony from Elmira, NY. I have a crush on Rainbow Dash, Spike and Tempest Shadow. I am building my own world in Sketchup.


Sketchup City Building Project (With MLP) · 5:56am Jun 24th, 2017

(Moved to a blog, so you can comment on this project of mine)
Jlong Cities Project
This project is a project were I am building multiple fictional cities & towns (based on the real world map). I have added Equestria (as its own country) in the southeast of New York State & northeast of Pennsylvania. It might to be totally to scale though. Below list some of the major highways in this project (lot are pony below) :
(There will be wiki links added below when I get it mostly finished)

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My Updates (This Journal Updates) : · 5:57am Dec 20th, 2013

Just A Update (7-31-2015) :
I Am updating my PC and my brothers pc (my mom's pc I just finished today) to Windows 10. So far it seems great, I can even now play the Gameloft MLP Game without using my smart phone. Anyone else here on FIMFiction get the free upgrade to Windows 10?

Just A Update (6-27-2015) :
I will finally be adding my brony profile and info to my personal fandom site.

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