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THE FOLLOWING IS AN UNOFFICIAL DIRECT SEQUEL TO "My Little Dashie" BY ROBCAKERAN. READ IT FIRST! It began as an idea of how the original "My Little Dashie" continued. That idea that evolved and I ended up writing it down. Here it is. I hope you will enjoy.

This sequel continues shortly after the first story ended as the main character gets pulled into the world of My Little Pony, Equestria. All caused by the emotional bond that he and Rainbow Dash shared together. As the force of the energy, violently striking him down into the strange world in the form of a lightning strike, he was given a memory loss. He doesn't know anything about his past or memories. Now he has to explore, not only his colorful surroundings, but also his own deepest memories to find out who he really is and why he was brought there in the first place...

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My god sir. Another chapter would be nice but I think you finshed the story. I am feeling millions of feelings. Why did he have to be taken away from firefly? *Tear* :pinkiesick: If you did finish it, good for you. If you didn't... I will be commneting again.

this is a very good sequel :twilightsmile: ,hopefully you'll make a third story to this prequel.... plz? :applecry:

i think i have more questions now then when i finished my little dashie

i honestly thought that he was going to get turned into a pony , in order to stay , what a rip.

Dunno why, but when Dashie's dad went insane, the thought of a brain being sliced and diced by a samurai sword came to mind. :applejackunsure:

When i first read MLD I was so miserable :fluttercry: thankfully i received closure from this fic to thanks, i guess


FIREFLY!?!?:rainbowhuh: don't you mean Rainbow Dash?

Awesome story man, u are good at writing :rainbowwild:

yea you need another chapter i have no idea what i suPost to think happened

We need a next chapter, maybe tell us the ending of the mental treatment on RD's father.

Now dat is some beautiful writing right there! Give the man a chocolate milk!:ajsmug:

all right every pony!!!! Russian version of this fanfiction coming soon...

Can you imagine updating the description of RD’s father based on the excellent episode “Parental Glideance”?

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