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Brian is now getting into his middle ages and eventually to his old age. He knows that he won't have much time and does what he can to love his life even more and live it with Dashie and her friends.

Anyone who sees this, check out deathtap's fiction; The Problem With Magic. He is writing about a man who gets turned into a pony in the same world as Brian. So Brian from the MLD series will have an important role in this fan fic.

Thank you EpicBG and deathtap for your collaboration. Also, thank you to every single one of you because without you, I wouldn't have a reason to bother writing this.

Recommended Supplies: For those of you who have cried from the previous MLDs, please have a tissue or two nearby. Apparently, my last few chapters have caused people to tear up and in some cases, cry. So I am not held responsible for making you seem mentally unstable in front of your family. Have fun!

New Note: If you are wondering if this has been approved by ROBCakeran or ty500600, then I can honestly say I contacted them. I sent them messages a couple of days before the first chapter was submitted and they didn't give an answer back. So if they approved of this or not, I can't say. But I can say that they don't put this down as a continuation. Everyone deserves a chance at writing what they want. Also, this was my first fanfic ever, so I apologize in advance for the probably many spelling and grammatical errors in this story. This was before I improved my writing and got myself a pre-reader.

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Hmmm. Perhaps this sequel will be worthy. :twilightsmile:

We don't need more of this.

Not again... we don't need anymore My Little Dashie fics, just like Fallout and Cupcakes.

What's with all the hate, y'all? Don't like it? Don't read it... and you don't need to thumb it down either! Plain and simple. It's not like this is written badly, because it's quite the contrary. Give him a chance to at least introduce the story.

Thanks for the support and also I thank Katamariguy. I'm glad that people are enjoying my story. But I see why all of you guys had some trouble writing. Being in school and all of the assingments and projects I get make it hard for me to write a good long chapter

488989 you speak the truth

Comment posted by Mikevae deleted Oct 1st, 2022

A few spelling errors, uncapitalized i's, and quite a few large walls of text. You should split them up with every new dialogue, not just when a scene is over or the narrator is changed. It makes the story have better flow, and be much less confusing. Heh, sorry, great job on another chapter. :twilightsmile:

K thanks, I was in a rush to do this one. I had a big project due tommarow and had to fit some time in for this. I'll fix it now that I'm done.

*Groan* Not again. . . NOT AGAIN!!! :raritycry: My heart just recently got fixed, as it broke from reading the other My Little Dashie fics, and now, now theres a fourth one that follows the series?! NOOOOOO!! But. . . I. Must. Read. IT! I MUST! :twilightangry2: It may break my heart but it will be worth it! My life for Rainbow Dash! ... I'm Pa-ha-theti-i-i-ic! :raritydespair:

In all seriousness though good story. As to those haters. Just ignore all the other My Little Dashie fics. In my mind, there are only three full fics. The ones by ROB, ty500600, and EpicBG. Now there is a fourth. All the other ones suck. If any one who has made any other fics. . . No offense. >.<


There may be great imitations, but nothing overshadows the origional story

I am pretty sure that the main character, I always forget his name, but "dad" had stopped watching My Little Pony before The Last Roundup first aired. Just going to put that out there.

. . . The rainbow is now DIAMONDS!

Is this really that bad? As soon as I put this up, I get three dislikes already. Come on is it because of bad spelling. Was the plot bad? You could criticize me instead of remaining anonymous at least. I hope this isn't some form of trolling because I worked kind of hard on this. :fluttershysad:

how long will it take for you to complete this?

Cannot wait to read every single chapter after this one. This story is amazing.:rainbowkiss:

I'm not sure what's going on with the "thumbs down" because this is a good story. It does have spelling errors here and there, but most notably some quotation errors. (You do forget to put in the beginning or ending quotation mark every once in a while.) However, they are minor to the point where I can simply overlook them. My guess is that a good chunk of them just don't want anymore "My Little Dashie" installments. If that's the case, then that's just sad. I can understand the feeling of getting tired of more installments of a series you're not a fan of, but that's no excuse for giving it a bad rating without looking at it. A good story is a good story and it should be treated as such. If it's good, it doesn't deserve the thumbs down you are getting.

Do not let these people that are bullying you like this win. Fight to the end and finish your great story. I'll continue following it and root for you all the way.

Keep it up and best of luck.

Thanks everyone. Also I want to apologize to all of you because I received some realy good advice from EpicBG on this chapter. He pointed out some really bad plot points and scenes on my part and I totally agree with him. I am going to revise this entire chapter to make it seem more realistic and better.

I don't understand your question. If you mean this series, I am not sure yet. Also if I gave a definite answer, it would probaly break some people's hearts. I can tell you that once I pass ten chapters, the end will be some time around then. It all depends on if I still have ideas by then. Right now, I am just trying to continue the story as much as I can because I already have the entire ending planned and written out. I am just filling the gap until then.

Thanks for the support! I was just getting a little upset that people just thumb this down because it is another installment. It's not really fair to me in my opinion. Two of the three comments I had when I first started this story were complaining that it was another sequel. They probably thumbed down before even reading the first chapter. I wish people would just read it and enjoy it. :applejackunsure:


Hah! Your comment scared me for a second. I thought you were going to point out some grammar or spelling mistakes. I was about to slap myself with a fish. :rainbowlaugh:

My heart Combusted, dew to the Twi-tasticness & Beautiful Epicness of this fic that your wonderful hands and mind has created! Excellent Work! :fluttercry: :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

By the way, do you have any writing tips for someone who is a first time writer?

Yeah just send me a message whenever and I can give you plenty of advice :twilightsheepish:

512316 Yes. Not so much for my heart, however. Too cute.

*eye twitches as my body begins shaking and tears flow down my face*



Sorry for the late chapter guys. I was out for a while last night. I'll upload another chapter for today by tonight. Oh, and sorry for the short amount of words.

I like how he's able to fight back against death itself and keep on living. This is awesome, keep on writing this man!

The forth part of the triology? You have much to prove if you write this.

I'm seriously sorry about the short chapter guys. I've been having a writer's block for the last two days and couldn't think up big chapters. I actually had to take fifteen minute showers just to get the these last two chapters done. Taking a warm shower is my last resort in getting ideas and clearing my head. Anyways, I hope this writer's block goes away before the next chapter. I don't want to disappoint you guys. :fluttercry:

Oh, of course not. But I don't think they are meant to overshadow it. They are meant to continue it. The first one is and always will be the best, but that does not mean that these are any bad. I am really liking this as it is.

So I just wanted to say, that the part with twilight sparkle kind of came off as. . . bleh. She learned her lesson in Lesson Zero, and she didn't have to write them once a week anymore so. . . Yeah. Also, why did the time travel spell need three powerful ponies, when Twilight Sparkle was able to do it by herself in Running out of Time? Was it just an excuse to give shining armor a cameo? Becuase if so I agree. All in all, another great installment! :eeyup:

"I dashed over there faster than the speed of light." Sonic Rainboom destroying house ftw? >.>

"The cider tastes a little funny like something special was put in it. If I know anypony, Soarin’ probably put some tequila or vodka in it." Not that it means anything but. . . Didn't Lauren Faust more or less confirm that cider is actually considered an alcoholic drink among ponies? And there are no other ones?

Anyway. I will be sending you a medical bill for the expenses. You made my heart explode and I needed to get a transplant.

Here's something that could help with writer's block:

Play some video games.

"felt like somepony like Big Macintosh stood on my back and jumped three times." OWE!!! Big Mac, say your sorry! :eeyup:Nnnoope:eeyup: Rat bastard. . . .

Amazing chapter. One of your best in my opinion.

Manne, PonyManne. Do not be compelled to get out chapters quickly. Seriously. Writing stories should never be a chore. it should be what you do for fun. When you do it for fun, you will do it better than if it becomes a chore. No one will hate you if you take one, two, three days, or even a few weeks to get out a chapter. If you are having writers block, no one blames you, it happens. Just relax and write when you feel like the time is right. You will only disappoint us if you stop writing the story all together. To prove it to you, everyone who agrees with me, please post a reply.

Oh boy, I feel like I'm going to write a chapter here. Yeah the Twilight part I just wanted to do because I was watching the Lesson Zero episode while writing. Twilight's time travel was only a week. The time travel I used was probably around 8 years or so. Also yeah, I kind of wanted Shining Armor to make an appearance. As for the apple cider, I didn't know about what Lauren Faust made it to be so that's my bad on that part. The expression with Big Mac came from the Sweet Apple Massacre which still haunts me to this day. And finally, man I hope my insurance policy can cover you. Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

Tell me about it. I've been playing games to help it but all I do is go couch potato for the rest of the day.

Then be one with your inner couch potato. Take a break. (I'm a 24/7 couch potato and I still think like a genius!)

You have no idea. If you saw the amount of gamerscore I have on xbox, you would never believe I have the time to write.

I'm a pc gamer myself.
I've always been really good at video games. Give me a little bit and i'll be a master at it.

I don't have any issue with a 4th My Little Dashie, but in my honest opinion the sentence structure seems a little disjointed. The flow of your writing isn't very fluent; there are a lot of stops and starts that detract from the story. Additionally, you may want to refrain from telling people not to downvote your work if they dislike it, that is what the downvote button is there for after all. I agree that people with no interest in reading a sequel to My Little Dashie shouldn't spam your fic, but where someone finds the quality of a piece lacking they should downvote it if they wish. That, and you're more likely to incite trolling by explicitly telling them to leave off.

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