• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm - PonyManne215

These. These are my final years with Dashie and on Equestria.

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The Gala

It's been almost an hour since we arrived in Canterlot. Everything looks just so majestic. It looks exactly like how it did in that last episode of MLP's first season. I still remember it. That whole event with everyone wanting their dreams to come true. I don't care as much as the others dreams though because my little Dashie's came true. She finally got to join the Wonderbolts. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. Her cute face when she saw Soarin' just, like the old meme, made my heart explode. Twice. I am so proud of Dashie. That amazing night though was also followed by that disturbing and graphic nightmare afterwards. I thought I would die or succumb to that darkness when Dashie saved me. When we woke up, we were both covered in sweat and fear. Everyone didn't really notice until Twilight saw. Only we saw what horrors were in that nightmare. Never again would I want her to see that kind of thing even if it killed me.

Anyway, we're here. I actually haven't been getting that many stares as I thought I would. I look around and not many of them turn their heads quickly. I think they are actually just okay with my presence here. Hell, I can't wait to see the princess' face. I'm following Dashie and the rest of the gang, Spitfire and Soarin' included. They are all just hoping the Gala goes better than that other one. I am a little behind from them because of the whole wing surgery. It has got me tired every once in a while. I stop and catch my breath for a minute. Out of the corner of my eye, I see one of them turn their heads towards me.

"Dad! Are you all right?" I look up and see the cutest little concerned face. Dashie stopped and came back and then the rest followed. "I'm fine, just a little out of breath is all. Don't let me slow you down." "Com'on Pops! Don't tell me your goin' tortoise on me now. I only got room for one tortoise in my life and that's Tank."

I get up and tap her on the nose. "Tag, you're it!" I run with a surprising burst of energy. As I'm running, I yell out to her "And NO wings!" I can hear a little annoyed yell as she goes fast after me. I can hear her calling me and start to get this smile across my face. From ear to ear. I knew there was no way my aging body could outrun the fastest and most amazing pony in all of Equestria. So I had a great idea that would definitely catch her off her guard. I turn around all of a sudden and open my arms up to catch her. Bad idea. Next thing I know, I not only see Dashie's rainbow mane tumbling towards me, but smell cotton candy and hear Pinkie from right behind me. I just got ponywiched. As me, Dashie, and Pinkie are rubbing our heads and laughing, I hear everypony else crack up also. All of a sudden I hear them stop. 'Well what's stopping them' I thought. I turn my head up and see a tall figure. 'Oh shit, I didn't think it'd be this soon.' I got up and get this very stern look from the regal pegasus. I stare into her and eyes and she stares right back into mine. No matter how tough I am or act, she still kinda creeps me out. All of a sudden our staredown breaks as Twilight walks up. "Why Princess, it's so good to see you." "And the same to you my pupil, along with all of your friends." I cut in "Nice to see you again Princess" with a fake but mocking smile. She notices this and gives me a very subtle peeved feeling. Then she smiles in a very royally fake way and says "Nice to see you too, Brian." Mission accomplished. I have officially pissed her off already. That ought to show her for spending almost an hour of trying to send me back. I could tell we would have trouble the first time she set foot in me and Dashie's house.

"So Princess, do you have anything you wish for me to research or look ever?" that little pony, hell, she always has studying or checking things in mind. That's what I like about Twilight. Her predictiveness and her one track mind. She was too studious for her own good. "No my pupil, I just wish for all of you to have fun." "Well if that's what you want, you wish is my command." Twilight walked towards the library. I just burst into laughter when I saw Dashie and Applejack pull her away. She was acting as if her life depended on being in the library. So we went to the ball room. Everypony was posh and all fancy-like. Rarity didn't really seem as excited but who could blame her? Prince Blueblood was a jerk. We all decided to form our own little gathering. We just sat around and talked about normal things. We look at Pinkie as she starts this weird new dance she calls the “Pinkie Shuffle”. As always, she does her job to keep everyone amused. Everyone was having a great time, just a great big pile of friends and family.

Eventually, other ponies started to gather around us after seeing that Dashie, Soarin', and Spitfire were with us. It got a little crowded for me so I walked over to the corner of the room. I sit down by myself and watch my beautiful Dashie loving all of the attention. A tear rolled down my eye. She is blossoming into a full grown pegasus. I knew I couldn't keep her a little fillie forever. Even though she wanted me to treat her more maturely, in both my heart and hers, she will always be my little pony. My little Dashie.