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hay i have a good ideas and cant wait to get started


OMG I DO THINGS!!! · 7:45pm Jul 23rd, 2013

HAY, storys I DO. have one with alot of chapters done witch is awesome! But I dont have a cumputer on witch to post them. That said it takes along time to post stuff. But I will soon my friend has a laptop so I post soon so hope you look forword to that um bye? also nib we miss you

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Thx for the faving Family In Time.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

Might your username be referring to Dark Cloud? One of the best games ever? Or just a username named because you wanted it to be that? Nonetheless, you know TheCloudTop and that's awesoem :pinkiesmile:

198948 cool! nib cool like that he will talk about anything brain thou.. hes the hursh one but he gave me the push i needed

198946 I met him through someone elses blog. We started to talk about the weather in Ohio, and that is how we met.

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