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My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm - PonyManne215

These. These are my final years with Dashie and on Equestria.

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Racing Stripes and Forgotten Memories (Revised)

Author's Note: I thought this picture would go nicely with Twilight's scene. Don't view it until you get to the part. It's a surprise and viewing it before hand ruins the fun. http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/289/a/7/crazy_twilight_sparkle_by_brianc1006-d4d26pi.png

Another one of Dashie’s races; man, I haven’t been to one in over five years. I still remember that first race of hers. I remember betting on her against all odds and winning all of those bits. I still have a lot actually. Anyway back to the race now. I made my way over to the betting stand. Most of the ponies were at their seats so it was fairly quick. The same bookie from last time was here. I looked at him and handed my bits. I didn’t even say anything to him as he already knew who I was betting on. I took my ticket and sat down. Not surprisingly, a lot of other ponies had also bet on my little girl. I guess they learned from the last time. I also liked the seat I got. Dashie got me a seat pretty close to the track.

I shifted positions to find the perfect way of sitting. Once I found it, I was pretty relaxed. I let out a loud sigh when I heard a giggle. I looked to my left and I saw an old friend. “Hello and good morning Mr. Dash, have you come to see Rainbow not crash?” “It’s nice to see you again, Zecora. Dashie got you one of these good seats too.” She smiled and answered “Yes, yes, but of course! They were given because I helped her with a horse.” We chatted for a bit more before the race began. We saw the other ponies such as Spitfire and Soarin’ stretching and limbering up. I looked for Dashie and couldn’t find her on the entire track. I looked up and saw a single could in the middle of the clear blue sky. I saw it lower down and saw that Dashie was wearing her shades and sipping on an iced tea.

She’s so cocky. But that is another thing that I love about her. She charges things head on and usually acts first and thinks later. She hopped off of the cloud and waved at Zecora and I. she mouthed something. I squinted my eyes and slowly made out what she said. “Don’t worry Dad, I got this in the bag.” She then gave me a hooves up. The race started but she was still just standing there. About ten seconds passed before she got into a running position.

She then started sprinted and later launched into the air. She whizzed by like a bullet and passed everypony else. She used the moves she had learned at that training camp. It took about twenty more seconds before it was over. Dashie won the race so fast, it made my head spin. I said goodbye to Zecora as I got up to collect my winnings. The bookie smiled and said "Looks like you weren't the only one betting on Rainbow Dash." I didn’t win as much as before but I still received a good amount. Dashie came flying over and we headed back home for the night.

I woke up the next day and saw Dashie was going to sleep in like she always does. I decided to take some money and go to the hospital. It wasn’t completely useless. There were some treatment options I could take but they were a possibility of helping. I took some medicine from the doctors and left. I gave the rest of the money to a donation box that was going toward curing pony diseases and for medical equipment. Hell, if I couldn't use that money, I bet all those other ponies could. I went back home and sat down in the living room. I sat around for about an hour before I had an idea. ‘Why didn’t I think of this before’ I thought to myself. I got up and set out for Zecora’s house. Maybe she had something that could help me. It took a little while because I had to navigate through the blue joke flowers. I finally got there to find the zebra mixing yet another brew.

“Hello yet again, Brian. Perhaps I can help you in a min.” I waited for her to finish and then asked her if she could help. She looked around the room before she pulled out a book with foreign letter in it. She read it out loud. “If a cure is what you seek, you must use drool from a griffon’s beak. But hear me now and be forewarned, the mix will cause discord.” I thought about the rhyme and realized it was futile.

Even if I could find Gilda and she would even give me what I needed, there was a possible dangerous outcome. I couldn’t take that risk so I just asked for some healing remedies. She grinded some herbs and spices together and gave me a bunch. “Take with food, my remedies. For they shall help your health ease.” I went home and decided that was a day. I slept soundly that night.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Zecora started giving me those remedies. I noticed that they started making me feel better. I also noticed that the problem wasn’t as frequent. These were good because I had some important things to do today. I had to help Rarity make a special present for Dashie’s upcoming birthday and I also had to help AppleJack pick some apples for the special cider she was going to make just for Dashie’s birthday. I decided it would be smarter to help Rarity first because helping AppleJack would end up making me dirty.

I walked into the Carousel Boutique and my eyes started tearing up. I was being bombarded with the perfumes and scents in the shop. I choked and coughed as I said out loud “Rarity! Could you please come out here so I can help you already?” The elegant and pampered pony came out very slowly. “Oh calm your horses, darling. I was just wrapping up on my fabulous new Fall Line. Now then, what do you want to help me with? Gathering the materials or sewing the clothes together?” She chuckled after saying the second option. “I’m just joking, honey. The sowing and perfection is up to me. Now be a dear and go fetch those fabrics." I grabbed the expensive looking pieces of cloth and brough it to her. She slowly started cutting them at certain points and stitching them together. She slowly started putting together a perfect dress for Dashie.

Well, I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Also, to be honest, I don’t even want to write down what fully happened. The entire time was “As a gentleman you should do this, or be a dear and do that, or sweetie, you grabbed the wrong size.” I was glad to be out of there because I couldn’t take much more of that smell. There was barely any oxygen in that shop. I’m still a little upset though because I didn’t get to see the dress when it was all finished up. I think it wasn't too time consuming though because it only took me about two hours. Oh well, it was nice to finally do some hard work and to get down and dirty for once. AppleJack knew I liked working but she also knew I was getting older so she'll probably give me something easy to do.

I arrived at the farm and saw Granny Smith on her rocking chair. “Well howdy tootin’ there, young’n? Did ya see dat dere clown down the road?” As always, she was just being good old Granny and saying something ridiculous. “No, I’m sorry Granny Smith. I didn’t see any clowns down the road. But is AppleJack here? I need to help her with the cider." She popped right up, cracked her back, and sat back down. “Yessiree! She’s back in the ol’ shed. Go on back and help her” I waved goodbye and walked to the shed. “Well howdy there partner. Glad to see yer still interested in helping me. Go on over to them trees over yonder and pick all of the apples."

I spent about two hours picking buckets of apples. I honestly didn’t even feel like it was tiring or tedious. I enjoyed every last second of it. It was good old fashioned manual labor. It was just as I expected; not too demanding but not too easy. It wouldn't be as hard work for me when I was young but who's complaining. I brought the apples back to AppleJack and she put them in a machine that cut and grounded the apples into a mash. It was then extracted into apple cider. It had one extra special ingredient other than the love and good intention of AppleJack; it contained my love and joy.

We finished the apple cider and we set it in a secret spot for storing. We said our goodbyes as I went to Twilight’s library. I didn’t go for anything for the party but just a little side research myself. I thought over again if I had anything else but nothing came to mind. I took care of Pinkie and her decorations and sweets. I made sure Fluttershy could train her animal friends to sing a certain song that Dashie loved. Dont' get me started either, the birds were messing up the loudest parts. I helped Spike with his comedy act which I thought was great. Spitfire and Soarin’s flying act was going smoothly. And finally, I helped Rarity with her dress and AppleJack with the cider. ‘I got everything done, and it’s not even noon yet.’ I gave myself a pat on the back. I opened Twilight’s door and saw her going just sitting in the middle of the room.

“Twilight? Are you busy?” She turned around slowly with this scary look on her face. “Can you believe it Brian? I forgot to write Princess Celestia a letter about friendship. I did it again.” She got closer and closer to me. She was breathing on me. I backed away nervously and tried to leave. “I guess I caught you in a bad time so I’ll just……….leave.” I sprinted for the door but she was already blocking it. “Oh no, you see Brian, I need to write this letter. It’s been a week since I last wrote her one and I really, really need help with it. I think you’re the perfect person to help me write it.” She grabbed my hands and forced me to a desk. “Now be nice or else I’ll have to get Smartypants.”

I don’t even want to know what she meant so I sat down. Then I remembered an old saying Spike told me about Twilight. “When she goes a little crazy, you have to find me so I can fix her." I wasn’t sure were Spike was, but I needed him badly. I needed the normal Twilight back. So she came back and threw a quill and letter in my face. “Now what did we learn about friendship, Brian?!” She asked in a menacing voice. I was scared out of my mind. She used her hoof to grab my hand and put it on the quill. She yelled at me to write and I didn't know what to do. Just then, Spike came through the door calmly. He looked over at us and quickly changed his mood. He ran over to Twilight and said "Okay, here goes nothing!" He burped and tons of letters from either the past of Celestia covered her. She regained her senses after getting out of the pile.

She laughed and smiled at me awkwardly and started to blush a bright red. She was embarrassed that I saw her like that. “Anyway, Brian, what do you need?” She said in a pleasing voice. “Oh well I was wondering, do you have any books on extending the life of somepony or somebody? I said with an emphasis on the last word. “No I’m sorry but I don’t even have books like that. That’s something that would be top secret or readable with Celestia’s permission.” I was a bit disappointed but I thanked her anyway.

I walked out of the library and started to think. That’s when the realization happened. “Oh hell! I forgot to get Dashie a present. I ran home, grabbed some bits, and quickly scribbled a note to Dashie.

“Dear Dashie,
I have to get something in Canterlot. Will be back soon. If you feel lonely, feel free to have a sleep over. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Your Loving Father,


I took the next train to Canterlot. It was hours before I got there. Good thing I slept because I was tired. I booked a hotel room for the night. I woke up the next day and looked all across the Canterlot stores. There were millions of beautiful stores and presents that tempted me so much. In the end though, none of them were good enough for my Dashie. I finally got to the last store and still couldn’t find anything. I was beginning to lose hope when the idea came. ‘I can go back to Earth and grab a ticket to a Nascar event.’

I ran to the Canterlot Castle and was recognized by the guards. They let me right in. I went into the main hall and found Celestia. “Why hello friend, what brings you here to Canterlot alone?” She looked at me with sincerity as she didn’t forget that moment at the Gala. “It’s nice seeing you too Celestia. I have a bit of a favor to ask you.” She looked with concern and said “Why what is it? You can ask me anything.” “Well, you see, it’s Dashie’s birthday pretty soon and I was hoping I could make a quick trip to Earth and grab a little present for her.” She bowed her head down and reminded me as easy as she could that the hole could not open ever again. She did tell me though, that there was a very powerful time travel spell that worked only once. It would reqiure the power of two other powerful ponies though.

I scrambled all over the palace looking for somepony with powerful magic. That's when I saw Princess Luna. "Hey Princess! I was wondering if you could lend your magic for a minute?" I told her exactly what was going on and she nodded. She slowly made her way to the main hall. Now I just needed one more pony. I looked all thoroughout the castle but it was to no avail. I couldn't find anyone or anypony with strong magic. "Hey Brian, whatcha doing here in Canterlot?" I looked up to see who it was. It was Shining Armor. He was the Captain of the Royal Canterlot Guard and Twilight's big brother. "Hey since you're the captian, I suppose you have strong magic right?" He confirmed my assumption. "Then could you lend your magic to me for a minute?" He went with me to the main hall.

Celestia finally told me the specifics of the spell. It was able to bring me to any single point in time for 10 seconds before bringing me back here. I thought in my head for some time before I had an idea. “Princess, could you take me to that point where you and the others were teleporting from my house on Earth with Dashie?” She nodded and said to grab whatever I needed but not to be seen or heard. Luna and Shining Armor combined their magic and pointed it towards Celestia's horn. THey acted as a amplifier for Celestia's power. Finally a bright blue, purple, and pink ray came at me and surrounded my entire body. It was all dark for a split second but then I was there in my house.

I couldn’t believe it, I was back. I was right behind Dashie and the others as they were teleporting. I saw myself from the past crying and closing his eyes, thinking of every moment they had together as they were about to leave. I saw Dashie doing the same exact thing. As they were disappearing, I grabbed the box out of Dashie’s hands; the box full of all of her mementos and treasures. I remembered that the box never made it to Equestria as Celestia didn’t want any evidence brought back. As soon as they had disappeared, I was back in Equestria.

“Did you get what you wanted, Brian?” I looked at her and smiled. “Yes, yes I did.” She and the others moved next to me as I opened the box. The box full of her entire childhood and our memories together. Inside, there were little racecars, the dog costume I hid her in, tickets to racing events such as the Indy 500, and the first picture of me and Dashie we ever took together. “I got exactly what I was looking for.”