• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm - PonyManne215

These. These are my final years with Dashie and on Equestria.

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Darkness Returns

It's been a couple of months since I made that promise to Dashie. We're walking around town now and enjoying the day. We just came from an all-you-can-eat buffet. That was literally the name too. Anyways, it is getting late. It's probably sometime in the evening. Then I hear a squeal. I turn around and see Dashie doing this cute face. It's the same face as when she won the Best Flier's Competition in that one episode of My Little Pony.

I ask her "What's wrong?" and she pointed behind me. I look and see Soarin' with flowers in his hooves. "Excuse me Mr. Dash, but do you mind if I borrow Rainbow for a while?" ".....Sure, I guess you can.." I answer reluctantly. Dashie flies off with Soarin' as they go towards the sky. "Bye Pops! I'll be back home in a couple of hours." She yells out to me. I wave them goodbye and make my way home.

I'm not too happy that he took her away like that. I guess I can't complain though because she's all grown up. Despite this, I still don't like the fact that somepony is going out with my little girl. Soarin' and Dashie had been going out for some time now. I didn't want to believe it but it was happening. They were discreet but I started to pick up on the signals. I hoped that Soarin' and Spitfire had a thing going in but I was wrong.

I get home after some slow walking and sink down in my chair. I grab a bit of beer and drink. I don't enjoy nights like this, nights spent wallowing in self-pity. I drink about three beers before I black out.


Wow, this is just so cool! Soarin' is taking me to this nice view of the moon and all of Ponyville. It all just looks so quiet and peaceful. Almost a perfect night. We chat for a bit before our eyes meet. He grabs my hooves into his hands and looks me in the eye.

"Rainbow, I want you." He said as he looked deeply into my eyes. I wasn't sure what to say because we haven't even kissed yet. I also couldn't do this to Dad because I know he wasn't ready for us being together yet. "I like you too..." I said trailing off. He smiles, knowing what I am thinking. "It's alright, I know it's a little soon." I smile back at him. He leans in to kiss me. I lean in too. Just as our lips are about to meet, I move back.

"Sorry Soarin', I'm just not ready tonight.." He lunges forward and kisses me. My first kiss. I blush at him as he apologizes. "That's alright, Soarin'. But how about we call it a night?" He smiles at me and we go our separate ways. Oh my gosh! He kissed me! He really did it! I skip a little and start dancing and singing. I am just so happy. No, I'm beyond happy. I'm...what's that word Twilight uses? Oh yeah, ecstatic! I trot over to the door. It's half open.

"Come on Pops. You forgot to shut the door." I shut the door as I go inside. It's pretty dark. I scramble around for the light switch and I finally get it. As I flip it, I trip on something. I look down and see that it's a beer bottle. "Aww come on Dad, you didn't have to get drunk! It was just one kiss!" I yell out loud. I look inside his room and see that it's empty. "Huh, maybe he's on the couch." I go over to the couch and see he's sleeping on the floor.

"Dad wake up, you can't spend the night on the floor!" He wasn't moving. "Dad?" He was barely breathing. "Dad!"


I can hear something. No, someone, calling my name. I recognize the voice but can't see anything. I can't move either. I just see all black. I can hear bits and pieces of words. "Get him to Emergency Room 3, stat!" "He's gonna flatline!" "Give him three CC's of anesthetic!"

I wake up in a bright room. I am in the hospital. "Mr. Dash, good to see you're awake." I look and see a doctor in the room. "What happened?" I ask the doctor. "Well as you can see, you're in the hospital. You seem to have suffered a stroke. Thank Celestia your daughter found you or something terrible could've happened."

I looked at him quizzically. "A stroke? Are you sure? The last thing I remember was drinking a beer and falling asleep." "Yes, well I'm afraid it's the disease kicking in. It's starting to take its toll on your body. You're going to have to spend the next four weeks here so we can make sure you're okay now."

I nodded and he left. "You can go in now." Dashie walked in and smiled at me. "Soooo, how ya doing Pops? Feeling better?" I wasn't going to lie, I felt like somepony like Big Macintosh stood on my back and jumped three times. "No."

"Look, I feel really bad about leaving you. If I didn't go with Soarin'...." She trailed off. "It's alright, this is my fault. Probably because I drank those beers." I smile at her and she sits next to me. "Looks like they're gonna have you cooped up in this room for a while, huh?" I answer her like Big Mac' "Eeeyup!" We laugh for a bit. "Well, at least this gives us some time to read some more Daring Do books." As she finishes saying this, she pulls out a huge pile of books. My mouth goes wide open. I can't believe how many books had been made already. I wish we had started earlier.

I can’t believe that I’m almost out of here. Just a couple more days. Me and Dashie finished about four of the six books in that time. Today though, I couldn’t have any visitors. I needed to get my sleep apparently. So it’s pretty early in the morning but I can’t sleep. I spend the whole day just lying there. I have no roommate so it’s beyond quiet in here. Finally, it’s almost nighttime. My eyes suddenly get very heavy. I can’t hold them up and longer. I fall into a deep sleep.

I find myself inside of a forest; the Everfree Forest. It’s dark and quiet. I can’t even here the crickets or owls. I walk along the path trying to find my way home. Suddenly, there is a bristle. Someone or something is following me. I try to ignore it but it’s getting closer and closer. I start sprinting. It doesn’t do any good because it’s still right behind me. I stop and turn around. Nothing.

Then I look at the forest around me and it all turns into a big black void. There is no light except a single spot on me. The light follows me wherever I go. Kind of like a spotlight. I start walking in any direction really. It’s all black and I have no idea where I’m going. Then, there is another beam of light. It’s far off in the distance but I can hear it. It’s Dashie calling for me.

“Dad! Dad! Where are you?!” She says this multiple times as I try going towards her. I run as fast as I can but every time I move, it feels like we’re getting farther and farther apart. A long stretch of darkness grows more as I move. “You can’t go to her you fool. We won’t let you.” I hear multiple voices whispering this in an eerie tone. “Who are you?!” I saw no one or nopony around me. “Why, we’re you. We are everything. We are the Darkness.” I get very furious. “Let me see her! Leave us alone!” It took a while before it answers back. “No, we love playing these games with you. You will never see her again.” It started laughing, more of a creepy cackle.

I could no longer see her light. It was gone. I kept running though but it was useless. The Darkness was winning. Suddenly, a beam of light from the sky spewed forth. “It’s not your time yet son, live. For us.” I look up and it’s my mom and dad. They are smiling and reach their hands out. I grab their hands as they pull me up out of the darkness.

I wake up, covered in sweat. I am breathing heavily as though all of the energy was taken out of me. I realize that it was just a dream, no, a nightmare. I laid in the bed for the rest of the night. Looking at the darkness in my room. I couldn’t sleep knowing that some sort of darkness was trying to envelop me.