• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm - PonyManne215

These. These are my final years with Dashie and on Equestria.

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Spectral Jewel

I'm walking over to old Sugar Cube Corner. I look around the streets; as usual everypony is doing their shopping or just hanging out. Ponies are bow used to my presence than before. One out of ten ponies now glances at me. It's not even a stare or gawk anymore. I'm starting to get friendly with a lot of the ponies here. One of the first that I befriended is Doo. Everypony calls her Ditzy or Derpy of course. I feel it's a little insulting. Anyway, ponies are waving at me as I am walking to Pinkie's. I get to the shop and walk inside. I look around.

"Still as bright and colorful than ever." I said aloud. I was replied to by Mr. and Mrs. Cake. "Why thank you Mr. Dash, we try our hardest to keep the place up and running. It's getting a bit hard with the twins but Pinkie is really helpful. We're surprised she wasn't pulling her hair out because of them." I couldn't help myself, I thought about that episode at that moment. I laughed out loud and then they started looking at me funny. "It's just this funny joke I just remembered." They then laugh just so it wasn't awkward. "Speaking of Pinkie, where is she?"

"HERE I AM!!" Pinkie came crashing down through the ceiling. She landed on all of us. How she does all of this I will never know. It's like she's excused from the laws of physics. Science has nothing on her. "Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to get started. Are you ready to get started? I'm ready to get started! Rarity is gonna learn how to Par-Tay!" "Uhh Pinkie? Could you get off of us?" She looked down and smiled "Oh yeah, sorry about that."

We go into the kitchen when she slaps a bakers hat on my head. "Well come on Brian! Cupcakes, cookies, and cakes don't bake themselves ya know?" She stopped for a moment. "OR DO THEY?! Oh my gosh, that would be so cool. Could you imagine if they put themselves in the oven and just baked themselves!?" I'm getting a little annoyed but get over it because she's just being Pinkie. "Shouldn't we get started already?"

I look up at her as she's laughing. She steps aside and everything is already done. I can't help but open my mouth in shock. "Well what do you think I was doing silly Billy? Or more like silly Brian! Hahaha! Hey you ever realize what rhymes with Brian? Lion, trying, flying...." I can't help but raise my voice a little. "Pinkie....." "Okay, Okay, gosh you can be a little dull like Twilight ya know?" We start setting up for Rarity's birthday party. I can tell this is going to be fun knowing Pinkie.


I love this feeling. The wind brushing up against my face and mane as I zip through the skies. It's so awesome. Like really awesome. Like spectacular blah blah blah awesome. It's a nice and kind of windy evening. I'm going to get Rarity and bring her to the party. I can take my sweet time though because knowing Pinkie, pops is ripping his hair out by now. I mean he's only been alone with her once or twice and by the time I get to him, he's banging his head on the door or passed out on the floor. Man that pony is something huh?

So now that I'm done with that good fly-out session, I'm going to Rarity's fancy dress store. I knock on the door "Come on, open up Rare! I’m not gonna wait all day!" The door opens after a couple of minutes and she comes out in this fancy outfit. "Oh hush darling, you cannot rush a beautiful pony such as I" 'More like fancy-schmancy' I thought to myself. I throw her on my back. "Rainboooooowwww!" she said in a whiny tone. "You're going to ruin this absolutely marvelous dress." "Sorry about that, but we gotta make like a Rainbow and Dash."

Once I said this, I fly as fast as I can to Sugar Cube. We got there in ten seconds, flat. She cleared her throat loudly. "Ahem! Rainbow be a dear and open the door for me." "Fine" I open the door and let her go inside. I follow. As I rush in she is happy and overjoyed as the whole store is decorated in jewels. "Oh my! You ponies really know how to treat a proper pony!" Hah! Just wait until she sees that trick that me and Twilight worked on.

I see Dad roll up with a big and giant golden cake. Man that thing looks good. And I mean good. "And don't forget the cake!" he said. "Wow, I can't believe everyone is growing up so fast and mature into beautiful young ponies while I gather dust and wrinkles." he laughed. "Oh darling, don't say that. I'm sure the people in your world still find you to be a very attractive pony, err.....man. Now then, where is Pinkie? She said she would be here."

Applejack stepped up along with Fluttershy. "Ahhh, she'll be here soon enough, don't get yer fabrics in a knot." "Yes Rarity, I think you should take a bite of your cake." Rarity nodded and leaned in to bite. She opened her mouth and got the tip of her tongue on the cake. Then, KABOOM! The cake's top exploded off and Pinkie rushed out of the hole with confetti. "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" I look at Rare and she is covered in cake. She stands and thinks for a moment, moves up to Pinkie, and throws cake at Pinkie's face. Hah! That was a good one! Everyone burst out into laughter and we party. Ponies gave gifts, danced, everything.

Spike goes up and brings her aside for a minute. I can't hear what they say but he gives her something. Something REALLY shiny. Her face lights up and she kisses him all over his face. Hs then passes out, that crazy dragon. I look for my dad and see him sitting in the corner with Twilight, talking and looking at Spike and Rarity. I move in to get closer to what they say.

"So Brian, I was always wondering about human psychology. Do you ever get lonely?" the question came out pretty straight. "Not really, I have Rainbow Dash and.." She interrupted "No I know that, I mean do you ever get.....Lonely..." He turned his head to her. "Well...sometimes. When Dashie left with you ponies, I was pretty sad. But a lot of women from work wanted to start something. I even thought about it too but I wasn't sure. Then I got here and all of that got left behind." She had a very curious tone "So you left what could've been, a man with a loving wife and daughter for Rainbow?" "Yep, pretty much. I have no problems with it now and I won't forever."

Once I hear this I start to feel tears seeking in my eyes. Tears start to drip down my face and I let them. He gave up a normal life to be with me. He could've had a real daughter, his own, but he picked me. he began speaking again "I don't even mind that she's not my biological daughter, she's always my little girl. No one or no pony is going to change that." I am now shooting full bursts of tears out my eyes. He is so loving, he's the best dad a pony could ask for.

"Rainbow!" Twilight called me. "It's time for the present." I wipe off my face and go to her. "Calm down, I got this." She wanted to make sure I got it right, which of course I did, I'm me, remember? "Are you sure you remember exactly how this works?" Dad chimed in "Twi, this is my little Dashie we're talking about remember? I think she has whatever this is all down and I believe she has this in the bag."

He turned to me and gave me a thumbs up and winked. Even though Pops is getting pretty old, he's still that young man who found me. "Yes Brian, I know but it's just that we haven't really tried this before and I don't think I read the guide notes enough. Me and dad say at the same time "Twilight!" She realizes what she's doing and stops. She then gives us each that smile she does when she sees she did or said something wrong.


Dashie went outside. Me and everyone else had to blindfold Rarity. It was a little hard though because she didn't want anyone to close to her because they could ruin her dress. Finally we get her ousted and tell her to open her eyes. She does and we all look up at the sky. A shining star is moving across the sky. It is as bright and beautiful as Dashie. Then suddenly a rainbow starts streaming from Dashie. It is Dashie! The rainbow lights up the entire sky. It’s such an amazing sight.

As Dashie finishes up and lands in front of us, everyone crowds around her and praise her. "Happy Birthday Rare!" she says. "Oh my! This is the best thing i have ever seen! It is almost as good as the gift that Spikey-Wikey gave me." She looked for it but couldn't find it. "Where is it? I had it right here!" Dashie told her to look closer at the rainbow along with everyone else. I look closer and see the rainbow is made of gems! "It's a little somethin' me and Twilight worked on. Spike gave you that jewel so you could see it when it was small but it was really a rainbow gem! No need to thank me, I know I'm awesome."

Rarity had the biggest smile on her face, ear to ear. She froze looking at it and then blacked out. Everyone gathered around her and made sure she was okay. I looked up at the sky and looked at Dashie's beautiful present before it would vanish. I quickly notice when she flies into my lap and snuggles up to me. Her body heat warming mine. It reminds me of when she was a few years older than when I found her. She doesn’t do this often so I enjoy this while the moment lasts. I stroke her mane as we look at it together. I hope Rarity enjoyed this party as much as I'm enjoying it.