• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm - PonyManne215

These. These are my final years with Dashie and on Equestria.

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Well, I finally got out of the hospital. It took a while, of course, but I finally got to leave that place. I’m not saying it was bad; in fact, it was actually a pretty good experience despite the visiting hours and the quiet. The food was decent and the staff wasn’t bad at all. I did kind of hate the silence, but I also grew to appreciate it because it helped me think about many things that I never got the chance to. It gave me some perspective on some things that really matter.

As I was saying, the doctor finally let me out after doing some last tests on me to make sure I was okay. Dashie and the others decided to celebrate my return home and threw me a little welcome back party. We spent the entire day at the beach. Dashie, Rarity, Twilight, and I laid back and enjoyed the sun. We took the time to admire the day’s beauty. Spike, Pinkie, and AppleJack played around. The entire day went pretty smoothly.

Dashie had a special set of sunglasses made just for me so that we could look cool together. She said that it raised my coolness and awesomeness level by about twenty percent. The sunglasses weren’t cheap either. I looked at the little inscription on the side and it was a product of Hoity Toity. His products cost well over five hundred bits. I was lucky to have such a loving daughter. I cherished the gift that she had spent so much on.

We stayed at the beach until around five or six in the evening. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Dashie and I walked to our home by the lake. I walked a little slowly because of just coming out of the hospital. Dashie quickly noticed this and slowed down. I was a little upset at myself because I was slowing her down. She was I was getting a little upset so she flew next to me and put a hoof over my shoulder.

“Pops, don’t worry. I don’t mind slowing things down for you. It’s no problem at all.” I love her. She is so kind and I am proud to say that I’m her father. We followed the road to our home as we got closer and closer. “Say Dashie, I was wondering if you and Soarin’ are still seeing each other.” She fell all over herself and stood up. “W-why do you ask?” She stammered out. “Well, I wanted to know if he still had the guts to face me.” I said very manly. “Well, you see dad, we…..sort of decided to take a little break. You know, because of what happened.” I stopped moving and looked at her. She stopped and turned back to look at me.

“Honey, you know that I don’t blame you two right? I told you that this was my own fault. It’s because I’m too old an-“My sentence was cut off as Dashie put her hoof in my mouth. “Dad, we know you don’t blame us. We just decided that the time wasn’t right is all. And don’t blame yourself either. You’ve been through too much already. If you blame anything, just blame it on luck.” She said as she extended her hoof out. I looked up at her to meet her eye to eye. I reached my hand out and grabbed her hoof.

“Thanks Dashie, I needed that.” We walked home, hand-in-hoof the entire way. We finally got home and we slept. We did nothing else. As soon as we entered our home, we looked at each other, smiled, and went into our rooms. I don’t think I’ve had such a good sleep the entire time I was at the hospital. It was good to be back in my bed; in our home with all of these loving memories.

I woke up really early in the morning. Celestia hadn’t even raised the sun up yet. It was still dark out and Luna’s beautiful moon was still on the horizon. I got up to record all of the things that happened yesterday and today inside of this old. I wanted to make sure Dashie would know my thoughts. I’ve decided to keep all of these journals for the day that I die. Hopefully of old age. I want Dashie to know what I’ve been thinking and to see my point of view in all of the things that have happened in our lives.

I want her to laugh and cherish the precious memories we have made. I know that I am getting old. I can feel the age setting in. My hair isn’t as thick as it was. I am losing more and more hair by the year. My hair has more than half of it’s previous rich and luscious color. My skin is getting wrinklier. Not that much that I am an old crustaceous man but just enough to be noticed. My physique is also declining. I can’t move as much and as fast as I used to in my younger days. It was a little hard getting home yesterday in fact.

My life is slowly coming to an end. I hope it’s not soon though because I still have a lot left to do with Dashie. I am not quite ready for my eternal slumber. My mind set is focused on leaving this life from old age. From living out my natural life and happily at that. Though I hate to admit it, there is something. A though, lodged in the deepest, darkest, and rarely used pits of my mind.

In this dark and small part of my brain lies an idea. More of a thought really. A subtle subconscious idea that I don’t want to believe in. A kernel or seed of thought that I am going to die of the disease. Dying from the darkness. I absolutely detest this thought. I want to eliminate it from any parts of my mind so that it would be like it never existed. But I know. I actually believe that this might happen. Though it is small, there is a belief that I am going to succumb to this dark plague.

For the good of Celestia, I pray that this won’t happen. It would devastate Dashie. I can barely comprehend any thoughts on this. I don’t think I would be able to move on into the next life if I went out like this. I have done everything in my power to prevent this from happening. I have lived a healthy life, taken plenty of natural medicines, and exercised with Dashie. All of these factors have greatly reduced my chances. But still, there is that little idea still lodged deep within my mind. This dark thought’s existence. I know.