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Bad touch. BAD TOUCH!


Walking the Path · 11:32am Feb 17th, 2016

Don't worry, I'll get back to it. Sooner or later.

Gotta rewrite the whole thing. Whole lot of things from Fallout 4 that need to be incorporated. Might catch up on the show to see what I've missed throughout Season 5, but don't bank on it.

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...What do you mean, I can only pick 15 stories?

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I almost didn't recognize your profile picture, then it hit me...

I didn't think people actually watched movies this old, honestly... but good for you! Here, have fifty five cents.
I don't go into combat with loose change in my pocket :trollestia:

you have good taste in music

1879256 Somewhat ironically, the capabilities of the SR-71 were extremely classified during its time in service. They were so secret, in fact, that it was only a small circle of people in the SR-71 program who had the complete picture of its technical specs.

And even today, the exact technical capabilities of the SR-71 are still classified. Looking at it another way, no other nation has ever managed to replicate anything close to the SR-71's service performance. So in that sense, it's one of the few secrets that have remained secret.

Of course, during its service, the only thing US politics would have seen is a hefty budget expense. They would have known the SR-71 program costed a LOT of money, but they would never have been permitted to know why; that's how secrets get leaked, after all.

The SR-71's legacy has been thoroughly vindicated by history, I think. And I say this as a Canadian living on British Columbia's west coast; even I could see that the SR-71 was (and still is) a fricken badass aircraft.

1879251 That... legitimately saddened me. I'd think the fastest autonomous aircraft ever flown deserves a lot more respect than that.

I couldn't help but notice your current "short bio", which of course states to never bring up You-Know-Who in your presence.

Frankly, I couldn't agree more strongly with you. That idiot was personally responsible for ordering the destruction of the specialized tooling and dedicated facilities that once manufactured new SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft.

His actions pretty much ensured that any remaining SR-71s could never be replaced, nor would they ever get new parts to replace old or broken ones. For that alone, You-Know-Who deserves no less than unbridled HATE.

Jeez Louis, looking back at all these comments on my account... If one more author comes here just to thank me for giving them a favorite, I swear to downvote every single one of their stories.

1743884 So was I, but apparently every internet forum is full of party poopers.

I enjoyed the discussion I was having on it.



Oh well, can't blame Tux. Thing was turning into an apocalypse.

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