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Now with a dramatic reading by AShadowOfCygnus!

The name that makes ponies everywhere tremble.
The name that is the definition of cruelty.
The name that strikes fear into the hearts of all that hear it.
And that's really all that anypony can say. Ponies everywhere wonder what really goes on inside the head of the legendary crystal tyrant. What dreams and thoughts of malice could possibly sustain such cruelty?

What actually goes on inside Sombra's head might surprise everypony...

A big thanks to the amazing Mickeymonster for letting me use the cover art. Check it out here!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 137 )

Please tell me there's gonna be more to this! This is the best thing ever!:pinkiehappy:

That was... Beautiful.

Note that its only "Journeyman" level.
We still have "Expert" and "Master" levels before we are maxed out. :raritywink:

4716504 Yes! :pinkiehappy: dis gonna get good! :ajsmug:

Damn it, Sombra. Why don't you just write on paper or something?

I approve of this silliness.

Please continue this, this is absolute gold!

Pure comedy gold

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.

And Sombra's slave collar line was too funny! :rainbowlaugh:

Krieg, meet Sombra. Sombra, Krieg. I know you'll get along famously.



Lol, I know this feel :pinkiesad2: though thankfully for me "nut job" is the one in the back seat.... But he is still annoying, sometimes "he" tells me to do the strangest things. :ajbemused:

You had me at "I WILL EAT YOUR SOULS!!!" :rainbowlaugh:

I don't care if it's an imitation of A Meat Bicycle Built For Two, it's a good knock-off, and deserves a sequel :rainbowlaugh: .

I'm not bothered by voices in my head, they're too busy shouting at each other to bother me, and they're pretty fun to listen to. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, my God, a Sombra fic where he's actually in character. Go you!

...I used to have voices in my head.

Then i stabbed all of them over a game of Texas Hold'em with a rusty cleaver.

They're gone now.

Isn't this kinda from Bonderlands 2, the Psyco trailer?

I knew it was about Krieg! This is awesome!

4718239 He is so amazing. :rainbowlaugh:
I know this was a carbon copy at some parts, but I was watching the Krieg video one day and said to myself "You know, Sombra might be able to fit into this." I ran with it from there. :twilightblush:

4717957 Actually, I have two voices in my head, and I really, really want one of them dead. :trixieshiftleft: One is nice and the other is evil, and they like to argue about what I should do next. :pinkiecrazy:
Oh God, I just got an idea for another story. Dammit brain. :facehoof:

4717424 Oh Dear Lord. I just realized I might have a thing for writing psychopaths. :facehoof: This can't be healthy...

4717970 Thanks. :twilightsmile: I was hesitant to because of ripping off, but I figured why not? I am simply paying homage to Pandora's favorite, buzz-saw wielding, screaming psycho. :pinkiecrazy:

4718142 Sombra is tied with Discord as my favorite villains from the series, despite the fact that he had little to no backstory other than "he was an asshole and needed to be stopped." :trixieshiftright: He has a lot of potential as a character, and we have clearly shown it with some of the amazing origins stories I have read here by others.


Oh for-

Yes! I knew someone else would get that reference!:rainbowlaugh:

The extradimensional baddies are always the best. Just like the Entities in Worm.
Or The Smooze.

Multi-chapter sequel pls. And don't be afraid to slap a romance tag on it, too. :pinkiehappy:

Ohh luna another Krieg, I love this story More CHAPTERS SOON.


I demand a sequel.:rainbowkiss:

What dreams and thoughts of malice could possibly sustain such cruelty?

Hah. I get it. A bit off, but still recognizable.

If you carry this on, and run out of things to say, look up Gnollreader, his Krieg in equestria story is without equal, in that he's still coming up with new things to say. In the meantime,


Sombras such an idiot. Funny ending though. Sadly no meat bycicle though...

You know, I can't help but wonder... would Luna look lovely in a slave collar? I mean, it could be like the Equestrian version of Princess Leia's gold bikini.

sequel please !!:twilightsmile:

Sombra never specified it had to be chained to anything. He may just like the accessory.

4716504 I'm pretty sure this was beginner...very beginner.

This is the best thing ever. Please tell me that there will be more.

Wow, this Sombra guy sounds like a freak....


Ooh, so close.

Thank you for this fic, for it introduced me to the best Youtube video I've seen in a while.

Tell her that you at last want to turn away from your evil path, and whatever you do, DO NOT scream the words “crystal” or “slaves” at the top of your lungs!
All was silent for a few seconds as Sombra and Luna continued to stare at each other. Finally, he opened his mouth.
“ANOTHER SLAVE TO MINE MY CRRRRSSSTALLLLSSSS!” He shouted while pointing a hoof at Luna with an evil grin.

I lol'd.

“YOU WOULD LOOK LOVELY IN A SLAVE COLLAR!” Sombra suddenly screamed at Luna with a big, dumb grin before going slightly cross-eyed.

Now, now Sombra.
That comes later.


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God damn it Sombra

Sequel, must have!!!

I want a sequel! This was amazing!

As someone who literally JUST beat the campaign of BL2 and all of the DLC as Krieg, I approve wholeheartedly of this.:moustache:

What is this I don't even :facehoof:

....I believe we have found the reincarnation of Krieg. My fanboy is now happy. Very much so.

Beat me to the punch sadly

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