When the Cutie Mark Crusaders dig up an ancient magical artifact, they unleash a spell on the town that allows everypony to see a "lie meter" floating above each other's heads. While attempting to solve the mystery, Twilight Sparkle has to analyze the tenuous balance between friendship and honesty. She doesn't like what she finds.

Based on a story idea conceived by theworstwriter
Written and posted with his permission

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I once wore plaid to a dinner party

¡Qué escándalo!

Wow, this is a really good concept! I'll put it on 'Read Later'

I... I was about to go to bed....

This premise seems interesting...I shall favorite it right away. Just wish you would not of posted so many chapters at once.

Of course, you would write this on 3-14. You silly silly guy, Skirts.

2269859 would you have preferred it to be one chapter? It's smaller than a lot of his other chapter lengths. BP had several 40k chapters.

2269870 It's 3/15 here, has been for several hours. He JUST missed the deadline.

Commence read.

Interesting, yet familiar, idea.

You know what freaked me out? I favorited this so I would remember to read it tomorrow. My new total of unread chapters in my favorites list? 314. HOLY BALLS.:rainbowderp:

damnit skirts, i wanted to sleep :raritydespair:

Will Rarity ever recover?
I don't think so.

Lordmiak #11 · Mar 15th, 2013 · · · / ·

Nice start. The idea is certainly very fun and original.
I wonder how high can nobleponies go... :trollestia:

mrgysao #12 · Mar 15th, 2013 · · · / ·

"You're thinking backwards, you emu!" Sweetie Belle squeaked. With a high-pitched grunt, she flung her sister's ornate garden shovel into a wall of mud and glanced up at Sweetie Belle. "Apple Bloom, could you hoof me that book again?"

Sweetie glanced up at her self? :unsuresweetie:

2269893 Actually yes I would of. That or combined two chapters, :scootangel:

Awesome! Loved it, well done on the idea Worsty! Cool premise, and great execution.

This was beautiful, and made me think about how I as a person interact with my friends and family. I love stories that make me think, making you one of my favorite authors :twilightsmile:

I really do hope you continue doing stuff like this, it provides me with my SS&E fix more often :pinkiehappy:

This story is really good *ding* Uhm...I mena this story fantastic *ding* What? I really mean that this story is funny, a very interesting concept and an amazing read! *silence*
Well, that wasn't that hard *ding* Owh, come'on!

Well, both the concept and the execution were brilliant. I was a skosh skeptical at times, and not sure where it was going, but the ending really went straight to my heart. All of it: Applejack, Celestia, Lyra… was just perfect.

There're a few loose ends, though. Will Rarity business recover from this catastrophe? What about Thunderlane?

This was a cute story and I enjoyed reading it. :scootangel:

Now i'm going to start hearing chimes when people tell obvious lies. :facehoof:

Ah yes. The sin that keeps on giving. The one that truly demonstrates the importance of intent and forethought.

Oh look, skirts wrote a new story. Into the feature box it goooes! Wheee!

Alright I'll bite. Call me intrigued. Just...not at the moment. I'm only mortal and need SOME sleep...

So the good old value of faith (belief without evidence) in others (specifically those very close to you)? Nice reframing/reiteration (if I read that right). Lying and truthing (not a word) can pretty much be the same, neither are good or bad but the intention behind what's said is what's important. As with all your other works this is beautiful.

I just have a couple of gripes: you touched briefly on Celestia (and the lies she must have told...she has told) but a bit superficially for my tastes (i suppose you used Cherliee as a proxy which based on show knowledge is alright but still annoys me somehow) in favor of the emotional reaffirmations and such (but meh whatevs), you pretty much basically burned Rarity's and Mayor Mare's careers then left them unfinished and unresolved (imagination don't fail me now!), for pure comedic value I wanted to see maybe a glimpse of how Thunderlane's situation played out from his various escapades, perhaps a bit more Pinkie and Dash. Regardless of those it's brilliant. Kudos to you and theworstwriter, loved it!

Note: If this interpretation is off, please do point out how so I can discover what you were going for. Rather than be left in the dark.

I would like to say something..... Mason... what do the numbers mean?:ajbemused:

If I lived in this story my lie meter would have a freaking picture of Pinocchio on it. Anyway, congrats on another feature, my friend!

Notice how the fic pic is that of pi.

Can Pi be seen anywhere in the story?

I love how Pinkie and Dash used it to play a reversed version of "Never Have I Ever."

And congratulations, your Scootaloo evolved into an Emu.

The counters were meaningless. They only counted the number of lies, and did not measure the dishonesty of the ponies. someone who tells "small" lies is far preferable to someone who deliberately tells a single lie to destroy an entire life.

Anyway, this was an amazing fic. Thumbs up, but not favourite becasue I'm not a big fan of this type of story.

"Yes, I reckon." Applejack nodded, then smiled. "And I also reckon it's a tad bit lonely being the only pony in town sportin' a halo."

That's a really memorable line, I like that. This was both interesting and refreshing. Not even Celestia was immune to the naked truth of it all, and that really sealed the deal for me. Excellent work.

Got to hear about this story in person today from the SS&E himself. So awesome :3 Gotta read it now once I'm off work!

FimFiction.... what have you done....

can anyone tell me how we're supposed to read stories online now if we can't click on chapters?

NEVERMIND, just me being an idiot

Post-lecture: Damn that fic had them feels. I was not prepared for this. great fic btw.

Twilight missed such a grand opportunity with Celestia.

At any rate, I thought the story was definitely well done and the topic was good and well explored in the fic.

I do not think you need to be so worried about possessiveness of commissions etc.

Really nice speech, Cheerilee. Lies do not simply equate Evil.

Emil #34 · Mar 15th, 2013 · · · / / / ·

7.15. Fluttershy's counter is the best counter.

Urrgh I already love this story! :ajsmug::coolphoto::derpytongue2::heart::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh::raritystarry::raritywink::twilightblush::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::twistnerd::yay::moustache::eeyup:

The moral was a bit thin, the delivery was great though.
I particularly liked Cheerilee's speech. I would have lost myself in raving about how teaching is mostly "lying to children" but you cut right to the important part. Well done.
And as usual Luna was not invited to the party. :trollestia:

Would make an excellent episode

I am absolutly loving this story. I thought the premise was very exciting *bong* "374". I mean, at first the premise seemed a little simple and boring, but I am really interested in seeing where is goes.

I am going to bet that twilight and applejack are gonna hold a zero for most of the story. I am a little worried that applejack is going to slip and lie eventually, probably causing her to dive into spiralling depression because she is forever marked as the antithesis of what everypony has so far defined her as.

I look foward to more mob mentality, peer pressure, hypocrasy, and seeing rainbowdash never have more than a five because of her brutal honesty.

This story could go so many places.

Really liked it! Not much to say in terms of critique that hasn't already been covered by someone else.... Just the ending quote, while reading I thought about it, I'd probably have gone for "...after all, a House needs walls to build." ooor, I'd have referenced something by saying "We will all build walls around us and our close ones, but as long as you lay down a good foundation, it'll all work out." :3

"You're thinking backwards, you emu!"

yay australia:yay:

excellesnt story...this shalt gain another viewer today by the name of stiggerzz

Looks like I was totally on the money with my prediction regarding rainbow dash *bong* "377"

This story is great, I have always loved the way you make such amazing physical, mental, and social conflicts *bong* "378". Ok ok, sometimes you physical conflicts are a tad unbelievable in the way the good guy always survives what would otherwise be undeniably fatal. Seriously though your ability to create challenges which test the mind and soul has always impressed me.

Finally *bong* "379", no wonder this ancient civilization isn't around anymore. Their system is a terrible judge of a pony's honesty. Its like what Rarity said, "Irredeemable?!?" No system of moral judgment can be either beneficial or correct without including a way to undue previous errors. It also puts too much emphasis on the need to be honest. There are other equally important things that make a someone good. Would it be kind to tell someone that they look fat or ugly or that their ideas are dumb? Well, it would be honest.

Now that society has correlated these numbers with honesty, I wonder what sort of havoc could be reeked if the numbers decided to troll Ponyville. Perhaps they one day decide to tick up when a truth is said, or they simply decide to increment on their own accord. Its interesting that no pony ever stopped to question the credibility of this universal detector. No that I think about it, and based of the possible foreshadowing in the title, I have a feeling we will soon see what happens when the number DO lie.

damn straight:moustache:

The premise sounds much like the eye-trade with shinigami from Death Note. :raritywink:
Well, another read-later fic, here we go.

Comment posted by Race9000 deleted Mar 15th, 2013

"Hey Big Macintosh..." Caramel turned and smirked slyly at his huge, red cousin. "You notice how all the mares' numbers are nearly twice as high as the stallions'?"


Love the premise.

That having been said, the lie that took Applejack from #0 to #1 felt so … banal. If she'd managed to go several days without a single lie, it doesn't feel like she would have broken her honesty for that sort of platitude.

I wonder what happens if someone tells a provable falsehood that they nevertheless believe with absolute sincerity? Does a four-year-old get dinged for saying "Santa Hooves will bring me gifts on Hearth's Warming Eve"?


Edit: Hah. Both questions directly addressed in Chapter 5. Well done.

That was a great story. Makes you wonder how events would play out in real life if we all had counters like that. Wonder how high mine would be...

Really nice story, just one thing:

"I said can it!" Snails barked.

Should be Snips, if I understood the dialogue correctly.

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