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After coming to Canterlot with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Spike attempts to help them with one of their plans to earn their cutie marks. However, after Scootaloo and Apple Bloom cause massive damages to Canterlot Castle and three stallions, Spike must spend the next week keeping Sweetie Belle from causing irreparable damage to herself, others, or the city while Cheerilee deals with Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and any other foals unfortunate enough to get in trouble.

Rated Teen because of some mild language and alcoholic references.

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I think this was kinda cute, really. Keep it up and people will enjoy it.
You might wanna add some tags though, that might help you get more views and therefore more feedback.

4449496 I am with you tho. I feel a comedy and a romance tag would fit this story well. I dont know it go there but I feel it has set the ground work for one of the best Spike x Sweetie ships that I have seen in a while. I can't wait for the next chapter to come and and show them hit the town some more. Who knows maybe Celestia's comment will have a effect on Spike.

I'll admit, I'm mildly surprised Scootaloo didn't get some sort of cutie mark for that epic beat-down

Max #4 · May 26th, 2014 · · · Day 1 ·

Momlestia Its best celestia :heart:

I'm going to enjoy this story.

4450112 If anything, it might've been a boxing glove.

You misspelled Cheerilee and Diamond Tiara.
I love that Celestia is finally start being a mother to Spike since she did raise him like was her own child until she gave him to Twilight.
Love that Spike is moving on from Rarity to Sweetie Belle which make him and Sweetie a cuter couple than Sparity.

spelling error


needs to be choir.

Fixed! Thanks for catching those.

Celestia is becoming a Troll. The endings of these chapters are really good. Update ASAP please.

Man I find it so hard to believe this is not a romance story. It seems like the perfect situation to soil the seeds for love between the two. But I am loving how everyone 'but' sweetie seems to end up in trouble.

4478635 I would love to make this a romance, god knows I ship Spikebelle, I can't do it just yet. I want to resolve 3 things before having Spike and Sweetie Belle become a couple. As for everyone but Sweetie getting in trouble, that's actually laziness on my part. I didn't want to have Spike and Sweetie Belle running into other foals like Diamond Tiara or Button Mash. It's mostly to avoid conflict like a love triangle that I know will start a flame war.

4478775 So are you saying that down the road in this story there could be. Or is this story setting the ground work for a later one to build on them two lol. I am just saying your little dates out, your mature but still young spike, and misunderstood girly sweetie seem so cute together i would love to see them together. hell i would love to see their relationship grow as they get older as well. and your trollestia is epic :trollestia:

How ironic that Luna has a Rarity situation and she sounds just like her.
If this keeps up then a Romance Tag will be up soon.

4478830 This story is trying to set the groundwork for Spikebelle for a future story. And Trollestia is epic, but I want/try to make it come off as a mother teasing her son. Momlestia FTW!

LOL, I like this story. Two of my favourite things, SpikeBelle and Momlestia. Celestia's teasing is so cute, and I also wonder why Spike and Celestia's relationship is secret in this universe. You don't have to tell me anytime soon, I like to wonder.
Don't take this in a bad way, but that ending confused me. Rarity situation? I don't understand what that meant.
Still, it's a great story anyway, keep it up!

4479851 I believe young Pip has a crush on Luna, just like Spike's crush with Rarity.

saw one minor mistake, but really great chapter.

Wonder how Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles will react to this?

and we dawn onwards towards the end, and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy......


Yay, I get to read another chapter of this story, and I love every minute of it. Keep 'em coming and I might write a Tv Tropes page for this. Or I might not, I'm pretty lazy.

Hopefully I will.

Why wouldn’t Miss Cheerilee let small mistakes go?

If hospitalising a guard and blowing up a weapons storage are small mistakes I don't want to know what huge mistakes are :twilightoops:

4552351 Blowing up the castle?

My god you created one of the most Trollestia I have ever seen. She is just loving this all way to much lol. I can't wait for Spike to have a really good time with Sweetie at the dance and hope he sees the great mare.... filly infront of him. It will be interesting to see how different things would be for them when they both get back to town. :trollestia::moustache::facehoof:

Honestly, I came here for the SpikeBelle, so this really didn't interest me that much. I'm sure some people out there would though, so keep writing and I'll be here for it, but I really don't think I'll read this chapter more than once, unlike the other chapters in this story.

Poor Pipsqueak I believe Dinky can help him.

i like dinky shes the best for telling the truth about dr who!

OOOOOOOHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GUD!!!!! This sory is amazing!!! i love were the story is going. :heart::heart::heart::moustache::heart::unsuresweetie:

I kinda feel bad for Celestia here. I mean it is clear she 'wants' to be seen as his mother but due to her role she couldn't be there for him. So now she is stuck having motherly feelings for him while he only sees her as a good friend. I know it must have hurt how he shot down that she was his mother. Still LOVE her cake sense was tingling:trollestia: I wonder what it will take for Spike to start to see Sweetie in a romantic light. I mean I am hoping at the dance the seeds will be set for their romance. It was Rarity's beauty that drew him in at first, so I would think seeing Sweetie at her cutest as well her loveable personality that lets face it blow out her sister it should be a decisive hit.:moustache::unsuresweetie:

Sike got TOO lucky this time. Now he need to go ruin Luna's high score.

Tomorrow's the dance I hope we see Sweetie and Spike do the Tango.

Yay! Another chapter, bit shorter than the others but no biggie. Celestia's obsession with cake is very funny, but you'd think she'd be happy that Spike shared it with a cute filly.
She finally asked him! :pinkiehappy:
4730984 He doesn't see her as his mother? He never said he wasn't Celestia's son, he was referring to Twilight when he said "she's not my Mom".

Now that I had some time to think, I had to come back here and say it. This has been a great story so far, and I hope it stays that way, but this chapter felt empty compared to the others. It wasn't actually shorter, I know that, but this chapter didn't have any cuts to how Cherilee and the others are doing. I know I came here for the SpikeBelle, but when that's the only thing in a single chapter, it feels a bit one-dimensional. Looking at how others see their relationship develop is another good appeal this story has had.

I hope this doesn't discourage you at all, but my brother has told me that every author needs some constructive criticism, and every now and then I feel the need to give some. Make no mistake, this was still a nice read, but in my opinion just lacking a bit that the other chapters had.

Actually, I still have those parts (some are being edited or re-written), but I decided to chop Day 4 into three chapters.
I have a bit of a limit on the length and Day 4 in its entirety was way over that limit.

4734225 Okay, then that's fantastic, I'll be waiting.

4831824 Thanks dude, I really appreciate it. I never expected anyone to actually make art of this fic.

So sad and what happen to blueblood:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:


I think the only reason we didn't go to jail was because I showed up War Trotter’s top trainee and Apple Bloom destroyed every weapon that were labeled as 'Too Dangerous for Anypony to Wield


HERE TAKE EVERYTHING!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Dang it! Now I have to wait for the next chapter!!!:raritycry:

It's interesting so far. I like the large amounts of jokes you have. And they don't disrupt the story really badly, which is always a plus.:twilightsheepish:

Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

The CMC's friendship will never be apart regardless.

You know, the swearing is kinda off-putting to me. This universe isn't really one where swearing would be that common. Or maybe it's just me and the fact that my parents taught me never to swear unless something truly warranted it.
In other news, if you're in college, take your time. You shouldn't rush anything.

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