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Spike never got a proper education, thanks to Twilight and Discord just never went. Now Twilight faces a disappointed Celestia and Discord faces the wrath of the Stare.

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2754812 Glad you like it.

Why would a reality warper older than Celestia care about school?

Needs to be a real episode.

2754872 ?Did you read it?


Yes, and it still makes no sense. Discord laughs off Fluttershy's stare in the episode where he's converted, and he's older and more powerful than Celestia. He rapes the laws of science and magic on a whim.

Why send him to school? There's literally nothing he could learn that could be applicable to him in any form, seeing as how he's over a thousand years old, a reality warper and an ex-Evil Overlord.

2754903 It didn't effect him, he merely said it to please Fluttershy. He even said he shouldn't go.

Guys, I don't mean to be negative or anything, but does it really matter why? We have Discord. We have Spike. We have school. We have a recipe for comedy gold.

On a side note I'd suggest looking here, Lord Zinger - The Proofreader Group

You have my attention.

2755067 Thanks, glad you like it. I hope it didn't have alot of errors.

"Were are you running rabbit?"

Were? Were? Yah mean where? That's not a promising start, my good man. Sorry.

Bulgged = bulged
What ever = whatever
Beltch = belch

Also, rather than having Fluttershy use the Stare, it would make more sense for her to guilt trip Discord into going. It's been established that he's immune to the Stare to a degree and that he does genuinely care for Fluttershy. It'd make more sense if Discord agreed to go to school if only to avoid Fluttershy's tears.

2755192 My bad. But the stare didn't affect him.

it appears that The Stare is now more of an annoyance that he would rather avoid. seems like it would still be useful to get him to do stuff, as avoiding annoying things is something crazies are good at, if im any sort of proof

well this is going to be fun :rainbowlaugh:

CMC, Spike and the lord of chaos this can only end in halerty:rainbowlaugh:

Eh I need a few laughs, I'll give it a chance. MOAR! :flutterrage:

Huh, you have my attention. :duck:

Though I thought the exaggerated nos were a little much.

2756982 The exaggerated nos were a one time thing.

Not bad. Damn good if you ask me. Just a few grammar/spelling errors here and there. Also, can you be a little more descriptive when describing the scenery? Other than those few things, this was amazing. I agree with the guy who said this should be an actual episode.

I ain't needed no edgumacted too for I am a refined gentlemant

Discord? around impressionable children?
Especially a number of children somewhat .... Inclined .. towards Chaos?
The tree sap will flow!
All Hail the new Disciples of Chaos! Know them and Fear!

Gandalf "Run, you fools!"

Just as a tip. Theres a checkbox on your personal blog (go to the navigation bar, hover over your name, click blog, click new blog) which let's you put out announcements to those who have favorited your story.

I have a filly OC, its actually my OC...Her name is Pen Brush, she is a purple unicorn filly with purple eyes and long purple mane and tail (I like purple). Her cutie mark is a picture of a figurine dog head and she is sweet and kind. She loves being artistic and will give away paintings to of her friends to them for nothing. She gets angry if they ask how much they cost.

i guess i could fillifiy my OC, Rainy Skies for ya. she's basically my avatar, and is a blank flank. she's basically good enough at anything an earth pony can do thats not too physical. in fact, her only bad subject in school is PE

i have a filly oc also

Pageturner a blue filly that has white mane with black splotches her cutie mark is a book and is a very fast reader she sometimes can not control her emotions but is usually nice she excels in history but is horrible in P,E and math and has red glasses

Comment posted by MidnightTwister deleted Oct 16th, 2013

What kind of editing are you looking for? I can comma, tense, and other grammatical doohickies if you need it.

I really hate it when people put up a message as a separate chapter. It's so annoying. Can you please post your announcements in your blog? Thanks.

Look like Cheerilee will have a lot of work on her hooves and I will sit here and admire the fireworks.

~Another day, another chapter.

Comment posted by MidnightTwister deleted Jun 21st, 2018
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