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Spike never got a proper education, thanks to Twilight and Discord just never went. Now Twilight faces a disappointed Celestia and Discord faces the wrath of the Stare.

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Before the destruction of planet Vegeta, King Vegeta's third son Leek was born. The king took noticed of his son's less then warrior like skills. He didn't want him to bring shame on the royal family, so he sent the child away to a distant galaxy to perish.

The Story Begins Now

(Not a fan of the griffons or alot of death, then check out the alternate side Friendship Is KI: A Hero's Path............Spitfire is main pony)

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After the scientists of Johto learn that interdimensional travel is dangerous. They use Magikarp as their test subject, cause well who really cares about Magikarp. But what happens when a mischievous Gengar tags along. Chaos, chaos happens.

500 poke dollas....... please.

( this story will have some sad parts. )

The Glorious Editer: Lunar_Twilight

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Just a normal day in Ponyville, well before that blasted weasel came.

A request from my friend: masquerade357

Special thanks to L for editing for me.

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Hi my name is Thomas. I'm just your ordinary anime and pony loving goof ball. Well I was until I got my ass transported to Equestria. Now I'm fighting these group of monsters called "The Dark One's". If that wasn't bad enough A group called "The Equestrian Brotherhood" leaded by a pony called Rough Boulder want me dead. Also Celestia herself has been acting strange against me too.

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