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I'm not smart enough to do everything but I'm dumb enough to try anything. -Beast Boy


I've been around in this world for several years now and I've realized that I am not like the others of my kind. Most of them are greedy, rude, and stupid beings, they could probably take off the 'stupid' label if they just learned something besides; "Dig holes, obey Alphas, eat gems." I've only learned what little I have because the ponies do not keep their books locked up, if it wasn't for that then I wouldn't be where I am today; studying so many different things that it makes my head spin. This is a story of my life among the ponies; my name is Gem Stone, I'm a Diamond Pup, and I'm going to change the world.

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Dang you cliffhangers dang you!!!!

4854855 It's nice to know that people like the story enough to be upset with cliffhangers. :rainbowlaugh:

4855770 like it? Pfft, I LOVE this story!!!

I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head now... :raritydespair:

5037059 Well, it could be worse. It could have been Everything Is Awesome...

5037112 Actually now that I think about it, this song doesn't really fit Twilight or does it? This is after season 4 but she's singing that it's alright to make mistakes, did she ever get the it's-alright-to-make-mistakes friendship lesson? :unsuresweetie:

5037509 Maaaaaybe? I might need to go rewatch it, me memories be a bit fuzzy...

5037565 The The Crystal Empire, Pts. 1 & 2 were pretty much run on the same tack. Magical Mystery Cure runs in the same vein, too. I think by now, Twilight has learned that mistakes happen. The truest test of one's understandings is whether or not we learn from those mistakes.

5037650 Wow that was quite meaningful coming from a 3D rendered Zebra, I guess it can stay in... for now~ :ajsmug:

Theobromine is a chemical that many animals cannot ingest quickly and it clogs up their digestive system, thus killing them, and it is partially derived from methylxanthines, which the body produces.

Wait... *goes back and reads the chapter* huh... yup, I didn't mention that. That wasn't really what I was trying to convey; it was the sudden increase of magic and mind altering that happened when it ate it that caused him to spaz and pass out not the chemicals. I have this little head canon going on were diamond dogs and dragons are mineralvores(best name I can come up with) they absorb the gems, metal, and in Gem's case; magic when they eat them. it explains the varying kinds that we see in the show and why diamond dogs don't have or use magic; in the distant past a diamond dog ate a charged gemstone it stole from the unicorns. died, and the packs stayed away from them. Also, It was odd I wasn't notified of this comment... anyways I'll shut up now.

The correct term for all beings that eat earthen minerals and gemstones,metals and the like are called geovores.

5346667 Thank you! Mineralvore just doesn't roll off the tongue that well.

This is a really good story so far :raritystarry:
I enjoyed reading this :yay:

I'm loving this story!! Can't wa-is that a canceled sign? *proccesing* :pinkiegasp: You canceled the story!? :fluttercry: Why, it was so good!!? :raritydespair:

5824655 I cancelled the story because I didn't know when I would be back but I'm back now so expect more chapters. /)^3^(\ ...O///O as soon as I remember what I was writing...
5824631 ?.?
Also glad to hear you like the story.

Thank you for continuing the story, I'm really enjoying it :pinkiesmile:

5834764 Oh hey, I like your profile pic, I've actually started a story/chapter around it before I took a break.

It's not exactly my profile picture, but it's good to hear your making a story about it :D I'll check it out now :pinkiesmile:

I like this story.
nobody cares dumbass

Shut the fuck up

Wet dogs smell stankaaaaaaaaay. :derpytongue2:

Dang, looks like I missed my Fim-anniversary... :rainbowlaugh:
Well anyhays; sorry for the long wait but I'm working on two chapters for Gem Stone.
fanfare plays from a rickety boombox
Hope you ponies like non canon crossovers.

Hi Camp here, is the chapter showing only a couple of words really spaced out or is this just on my end?

Comment posted by Campanula Monkshood deleted Jul 21st, 2017

If Gem Stone was voiced, what would he sound like?

Huh... I never really thought about it... I guess if I had to choose? Probably the voice actor for young Lance on Symbiotic Titan during his father's funeral. If I ever make it to his teenage years it'd probably be Jay Baruchel.

how often will this story get updated? your track record so far doesn't seem to promising.

I can't give a definitive answer to that but I feel I have finally gotten my muse back for this fandom. I know my track record has been poor and that's not fair to the readers... I've been in that situation way to many times as a reader like you and I don't like it. As I said in the author's note I have the next three chapters planned out and I'm thinking about posting one a week so I can build up a stockpile. Thank you for the question, I hope it answered your question.

The next chapter will have to be delayed until 8/10 , I'm once again sick and running a fever so any kind of productive work is proving impossible. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Sorry it's a bit late, fell asleep before I could post it. Enjoy

oooh, that's smart!! The dogs would be able to sniff out the changelings!
Though I do wonder if the second changeling invasion is what really caused the takeover... Welp, who cares either way, ALLY WITH THE DOGS!! It's the only way!

Second changeling invasion? Oh! you mean when Thorax evolves the changeling race. No, this takes place after the whole canterlot wedding fiasco, it's still prior to our normal timeline of season 4-5. Twilight wasnt there; Chrysalis had all the alicorns captured and over a couple of months took their place to gain the love and one that started to stagnate they went full world domination. Don't ask me why, that's just canon plot. The second invasion would have never happened because she wouldn't have failed.

True....which means she actually blew two chances to enslave the world. In canon.:facehoof: and the second one was almost perfect!

ah well, I am interested in what will happen if you do the flim&flam future, as well as the apocalyspe one... I read one where it was caused by Trixie and the Alicorn Amulet. Hmm...would the diamond dogs survive? Being underground and all?

I haven't planned on doing the flim flam or the apocalypse one but I do have one planned for the nightmare moon one, it involves a certain wood dog I like to called Woodstocke.
They'd be able to survive the flim flam verse and maybe the apocalypse verse is only barely by completely sealing off their cave in both verses and generate oxygen by breeding fast processing moss or lichen to breathe and maybe find a way to grow gems but then it'd get kinda fallout-y and I don't think anyone who like to read repeated days of 'we dug another tunnel and made more moss. one of the scientists found a way to make the lichen produce 245dekaliters of oxygen more than the old moss.'

Yeah, probably not. Moss gets old after a while.

I'm sorry to say that once again chapters are going to few and far between. My father died on the 11th and it's going to take some time to get our lives back to normal. Thank you for understanding.

A solid start so far. I'm worried that gem leaving like that will upset the alphas and cause issues later on for his family.

Also poor Fido :fluttershyouch:

Well, it was the thought that counts gem. I hope he's alright.

Cool, magic paws! Wonder what the letter was about?

Yes! Vengeance is sweet, and taste very much like vanilla.

Very funny image in my head of spike and gem being rolled around like tires :rainbowlaugh:

Eeeesh, probably should've stuck to the magic he was certain of. Although, to be fair, he probably didn't have much of a chance against Starlight Shimmer.

I stopped watching after season 4 so i don't know anything about these timelines you talked about, but I will say that I enjoyed seeing Gem as a soldier following Agent pinks (hehe) around.

Really good descriptions in this chapter that made it really entertaining to read.

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