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This is just a group for questions. Got a question? Of course you do! Everyone has at least one question, or else you wouldn't be here. Any question, big or small, serious or asinine, can be asked here.

Further, this is a group to question why. Why is easily my favorite word in any language. Question everything. Ask why. Your questions are welcomed here.

Our folders are a bit weird, but read this to understand them. First of all, we have a 'self-submitted' folder, which is slightly self-explanatory. You submit your own piece of work you want people to read, and make a thread on it. With its name and a short description.

Another one is 'popular stories'. This one is for popular stories, perhaps written by yourself, but doesn't have to be, and should have generally at least +1000 views. Again, you'll make a thread about it, generally with the title, and if it is written not by you, also put the author. Put a short description about it. The main question we're going for here is why is this popular? Why do so many people like it? Is the voicing good? Do the characters develop well? Things like that.

Our last folder is 'unpopular stories'. No, it doesn't mean any one of the stories is bad, just like the popular ones, there is some great ones, and some that really stink. These should generally be under 1000 views. For this one as well, you'll put a thread with the title and describe it a bit. For this one, we're going after the questions, why do people not like it? Why isn't it popular? Did people just not notice it? Things such as that.

Anyways, happy questioning my friends!

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