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This is an unofficial sequel to Smarty Daddy by Akumokagetsu

Original coverart from here with a slight alteration. I know it's basically the same as it's predecessor's coverart, but i couldn't find anything that fitted better

Twilight thought that, once the spell on Smarty Pants wore off, she wouldn't have to worry about it again. However, several weeks later, Applejack comes, begging for her friend's help.

Big Macintosh has gone into a depression the likes of which nopony could've ever expected of the stallion. He's not eating, barely sleeping, and spends all his time in his room, crying as he clutches the Smarty Pants doll.

Twilight, upon hearing Smarty Pants is involved realizes what has brought Big Macintosh to this state. However, her spells won't be strong enough to fix this, so she calls on Discord, hoping he will be willing to help.

Popular Stories 17/8/2015

Edit: Akumokagetsu has given my permission to continue the story as long as it remains an unofficial sequel

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I admit, I like the basis of this story. It just feels a bit rushed in places. If it were fleshed out more, the end result would be better. This seems more like a proof of concept that would be used as a basis for writing a story.

oh god, just found the prequel a few days ago and now here is a sequel *-*

I already like the start even that it feels a bit rushed and could be longer and more detailed.
I really hope for a nice and cute story from here on ^^

How many new stories are you going to upload? In the past week alone you published like five.

I look forward to what happens from here.

Does feel a little rushed and I would have like to see this stretched out a little but overall still good.

Comment posted by The Abyss deleted Aug 17th, 2015
Comment posted by Arxsys deleted Aug 17th, 2015

This story was beautiful, if feeling a bit rushed. Twilight's emotions ride too high too quickly, and she tired out fairly fast. Still, it was a beautiful read, with a satisfying end.

6325424 How do you know what i wrote in a PM to another author? Hm?

6326452 He told me. how else would I know?

So this is a multi-part as a sequel to the one-shot correct?

6326452 Why are you deleting comments now?

6326452 D'awwwww!.... :ajsmug:

Guess who's gonna have to teach Smarty Pants about getting her cutie mark and showing her around school?!? Her aunt! :applecry:

6328264 wait. you didn't delete your comment? I thought you did. That's weird. I didn't delete any comments

...You told the entire story in the synopsis.

too deus ex machina :B

More chapters please

You must continue this, that filly on the cover art is too damn cute for you to not continue this :applecry:!

6379842 If it were the ending, yes. For a premise... not so much.

Oh, man, this is good! When will there be a sequel?

That was sweet even if threre's no more.

you'd tire out pretty quickly too if you had to give full life, bodily functions, a nervous system and organs and sentience to an inanimate doll

Huh so it livez

Man, I almost want to see a nosy reporter bust into the room and try to interview Smarty and Big Mac... only for Big Mac to buck them out the window with a "NNNOPE!"

Nice work looking forward to the next chapter:twilightsmile:

discord is a twimac shipper. who da thunk

Just off-screen, Pinkie Pie quietly wipes away a single tear of pride.

"The livelihood that little filly's energy will bring to that farm makes me so happy to be an extended family member."

After she said this, an arrow-shaped neon sign appeared pointing in her direction. On the sign was written 'this pony is no more than 1/16000 apple. Does that even qualify as related?' Of course, since today was one of Pinkie's exceptionally random days (the likes of her in the episode 'Three's A Crowd'), her only reaction to the sign was 'oooh, shiny...'. She then proceeded to stare blankly at it, mouth hung open, drool slowly pooling on the dirt at her hooves, and eyes swirling in a false hypnosis as a result of her classic cartooniness.

Looks like the story smarty daddy I gone now :/

FimFetch to save the Day
Smarty Daddy

Well just came across this. Damn I want more

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