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Big Mac did not consider himself an especially introspective or overly curious stallion.
He got up in the morning, went about his business, and went to sleep to start over the next day.

This is one of those days where everything seems to go wrong from the start, and in the strangest ways.

Now on Equestria Daily!
There's even a Korean translation here! Go praise Ccucuccu for being awesome.

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Comments ( 425 )

Great job as always, Akumo. Keep up the good work.

Damn man. Why?


I'm a terrible person.

3980901 Right, forgot your avatar. Nevermind.

my feels you bastard :fluttercry:

Nicely done.

Ow my feels.... God damnit why?...

... YOU LIAR, I DIDN'T SEE A SAD TAG! Either way, this was really really really good... But Ohmegurd, you just bloody well kicked me in the face with a fistful of feels...

I'm so sorry.

I promise I'll never, ever do it again until next time I do it again.


For some reason, I've always liked Smarty Pants stories, It's just a darn shame they're either one-shots or never complete. Well, at least this was a good one-shot, nice job.

Tags are marked as "Slice of Life" and "Comedy."


Well gag me with a pickle, that actually killed my happy buzz by the end there.

It's not often I come across a sad fic that actually makes me, well, sad.

... well then.

Wait a second, this wasn't tagged Sad at all! But, but... I don't know what to do with my feels right now...

So wait, she's aware of what's going on while in doll form, gets one day as a pony, then back to a doll?

Where's the "ihavenomouthandimustscream" tag?

(Note: loved the story, you may continue)

oh man the tears they hurt.

:applecry: :fluttercry: :raritycry: THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME

I has a sad now.

Pffft story is stoopid!!:flutterrage:
dis not make heavy cry like leetle itty bitty *backstab

spy; Oh fat man!! *Sniff
saddest thing i've ever read over somone's shoulder:raritycry:

(good job man)

You promised me laughter and made me cry instead. I'm okay with this.
Now Twilight just needs to figure out how to make that spell permanent.

Can't say it's the most original story concept, but you hit it out of the park even with that handicap. Not bad at all.

Why must you make me cry? You monster...

This story was really good and I can't stop crying for Big Mac. They say the best stories are the ones the pull emotions out of you when you have none and this one took me from angry to sad in an instant. My heart is breaking for Big Mac even though I know that is just fantasy and that feeling is worth more to me now then anything in the world. Thank you so much Akumokagetsu you gave me sadness back when all I could feel is hate.

well I don't think its a sad story since technically twilight can always bring her back to life, and technically smarty pants is technically sentient as a doll since she recalled big mac's obsession with her during that one episode, so technically she isn't gone and it isn't sad, technically.

You heart punching bastard

That's it, I'm ripping your toungue out through your teeth!!!

BRING HER BACK!!!:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry:

I was hoping this would be a long story with many chapters, but then I saw the author. Oh well, I'll enjoy the short story for what it is.

Congratulations you Masterfully meticulous magnificent bas...:yay:

A well earned favorite and like... think I'll start stalking you too...

you bastard! make an alternate ending NOW

The comedy tag lied to me! The feels are unbearable on this one!:raritydespair:

Thumbed down for misleading tags. Well written but I was having a bad day and was looking for something cute to cheer me up.


I was hoping this would be a long story with many chapters, but then I saw the author.

I'm sorry, but this made me laugh:rainbowlaugh: I'm sorry:facehoof:

NOOOOOOOOOOOO SMARTY PANTS THE DESTROYER!!!!!!!!:applecry::flutterrage::fluttershbad::raritydespair:

3982761 Well, it's kinda sad but true :rainbowwild:

3981704 i want say that i was complamenting this guys story which i find kind of sad

I see a Lilo & Stitch reference

me so sad.....must listen to more monstercat and take more happy pills.......................:(:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

Big Mac kept on reading, even long after she had stopped breathing.


I hate you... I hate you so much...

*fave+up vote+cry*

I'd say a Sequel where she's brought back for good, it'd be short but definitely even more heart-felt and not quite so sad. :pinkiesad2::raritycry:

:fluttershysad: Ooh... oh. Oh my. :fluttercry:

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god....:applecry:

I'm... I'm leaking form my face! Why did you do this? Why? I last time I felt even close to this was at the end of Fallout Equestria!:fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::raritycry:

What is this mass of words? Why does it make my eyes leak? Oh, it's because YOU SUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

In all reality, good story. It rustled my jimmies.

I can not continue reading. It got to weird when I found Twilight was her mom and Big Mac was her dad.:raritycry: :applecry::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::derpyderp1::twilightangry2::unsuresweetie::rainbowderp::facehoof:

:rainbowlaugh:All these feels comments make me laugh.
:trixieshiftleft:You got that voodoo bit from Lilo and Stitch didn't you? I approve.:ajsmug:

The monster cat isn't working :applecry:
And I'm out of pills! :fluttercry:

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