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It might take a while... · 11:47am March 16th

Hey everybody,

It has been quite some time since I posted the last chapter for Blamed and it might be even a bit longer. I have been struggling with the next part these past three months and I'm just not satisfied with how it turns out so far. Scrapped the entire chapter two times and parts of it a few more, but it just feels wrong you know? :unsuresweetie:

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Thank you very much for giving Bassdrops and Bowstrings some love. :pinkiesmile: Also, adorable Ponk avatar is adorable. :pinkiehappy:

I am definitely ok with good stories. Thanks for the attention on show business:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Sirens of the Night to your library, I appreciate it.

Thx for the follow my friend!

Thank you so much for adding Sonata Can't Read to your library! :twilightsmile:

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