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IMPORTANT! Does someone know this person? · 5:58pm Nov 10th, 2019

Hey, does someone know this person?

I learned about this from a friend, but never heard of her/him myself, so I thought that hopefully, someone knows that person or someone who does know him/her.

I hate to feel so helpless, so please if someone can, help

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Thank you for adding A Tale of Two Suns Book 1 to your bookshelves.

Thank you very much for giving Bassdrops and Bowstrings some love. :pinkiesmile: Also, adorable Ponk avatar is adorable. :pinkiehappy:

I am definitely ok with good stories. Thanks for the attention on show business:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Sirens of the Night to your library, I appreciate it.

Thx for the follow my friend!

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