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Sunset Shimmer is devastated since her friends abandoned her because of Anon-A-Miss. While she tries to figure out what to do a new girl arrives in town, not knowing that she will be involved into an event she doesn't know about or has control over.

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Hmmm this is going to be very interesting

So....... two Sunsets?

If this goes anywhere towards Dainn's Anon a Miss and it's on the wrong Sunset this could end badly for CHS.

Her parents could sue the school and families. They could sue the CMCs family. Celestia and maybe Luna could lose their jobs. And maybe a large amount of CHS could be suspended or even expelled including RD

Something I came up with over the past year and after I noticed a lack of Anon-A-Miss stories including human Sunset. No idea if it is any good, but I decided to share it nonetheless. :scootangel:

You know. That's something I'd love to see in the next Equestria Girls movie, the Humane 7 meeting the human world's Sunset Shimmer. That could make for at an interesting premise (or subplot) right there.

Sometime, hopefully in the next day or two, I'll have my own human Sunset Anon-a-Miss story, and I know from others that it's not the only "Human-Sunset meets Anon-a-Miss" in the works.

Could be the start of a sub-genre. If it is, you get to take credit for said sub-genre by virtue of having publishing first. Congratulations.


So....... two Sunsets?

If this goes anywhere towards Dainn's Anon a Miss and it's on the wrong Sunset this could end badly for CHS.

Her parents could sue the school and families. They could sue the CMCs family. Celestia and maybe Luna could lose their jobs. And maybe a large amount of CHS could be suspended or even expelled including RD.

Heck. My honest truth is: if this fic goes down that path and they do find out it's the wrong Sunset. Then for the CHS in general, it's basically this:

"Sweetie, are you there?"

The girl groaned slightly, but she sat up quickly. "Yes, mum, I am."

Even if I know it's probably not the case, the way human sunset and her mother interact make me think of a younger sunset the same age of the crusader. That would have been interesting ^^.

anyway, a promising start.

Oh boy.... This can't end for Human Sunset. You, my friend have my attention.

What is currently already written does not go down such a dark way any longer, but it did once before. I changed many things over time while trying to find out what would work and what not for me, so I might return to that idea later down the road again. I got a rough idea what exactly will happen, and I'm pretty open about other things. :twilightblush:

I have been waiting for this for a long time as well. I would already be happy if she would even be mentioned sometime. It must have crossed Sunsets mind at least after meeting Sci-Twi that there must be another Shimmer somewhere.

Thank you :yay:
No pressure at all :twilightoops: I'm already overwhelmed with the attention that received till now :rainbowderp:

Nope, she is the same age as our Sunny. In my head canon the portal transforms everyone who steps through to the body and age the counter part would have at that time. So let's say our Sunny is already in her late twenties and the human one seventeen. Our Sunny became younger again, while the human Sunny would age up to match her counter part in Equestria. I hope my explanation makes sense, english is not my first language so I got sometimes problems explaining things :scootangel:

thanks, I hope that I won't disappoint with what I do :rainbowlaugh:

I hope this Human Sunset can defend herself from the muscle bonded oaths at CHS.

oh...sh*t. this is gonna be a really huge problem if Human Sunset gets to CHS! I HOPE ANON-A-MISS IS REVEALED BEFORE THEN!

Well shite. When Human Sunset goes to CHS, and things happen to her. Well, all I can say is RIP CHS

You have my attention, this looks like it is going to be awesome. Can't wait for the next chapter.

An Anon-a-Miss story... with a human Sunset?

Seems interesting. Hopefully this turns out better than the one that added Princess Celestial.

That's awesome!
I use this clip all the time to show my interest in a story and now seeing it under my own is cool :rainbowlaugh:

Do you mean Dawn? I like that story, but true, Celestia is a bit over the top :trollestia:
I hope this will turn out well in the end :moustache:

Oh yeah, I'm not saying it's bad just disappointing. It started off promising but quickly devolved into a typical Anon-a-miss story. It's still a really good Celestia x Sunset reunion story though.

And now it comes to a full circle! :rainbowlaugh:

In all seriousness, I'm interested to see what comes next in this story. Looking forward to the next chapter! :pinkiesmile:

It is already pretty much done besides some details, but I'm not sure if it's good to post it yet. The third one is still work in progress and I don't want to change something in two if I got an idea for three which does not fit with previous information. :applecry:

Guess I will wait a bit until I got a bit more for three :pinkiehappy:

This is a twist I haven't seen before, actually, and I'm pretty excited with how it's going. This chapter could use a proofreader or editor to really make it shine, though; there's a few grammatical errors, and the dialogue seems kinda stilted. I'm willing to do it, if you'd like. Just shoot me a PM if you're interested.

Someone already mentioned that I'm the first one to post an Anon-A-Miss story with the human Sunset and how excited they are how it will go. It's puts juuust a little bit of pressure on me :twilightblush:

I would really like that if you want to look over it. English is not my first language and grammar was always a weakpoint of mine. At the moment I only use one of those websites to grammar check my work :twilightoops:

I will send you a PM later, I'm not home at the moment.

8586037 No problem! I'm patient, so go ahead and send a PM whenever it's convenient. Looking forward to it!

Actually, at that point in time maybe you were the only one but now there's another one like this.

And this is what happens when I don't update my own story often enough. Heh, well, at the very least its a broadening out of the genre. Human Sunset is a concept that should be explored more often in general. Interested to see where this goes.

Man i feel really sorry for Sunset and what the other Sunset will have to face soon. Despite what everyone says I personally think that Flash would belive Sunset is not anon-a-miss. Despite what Sunset may have done to him in the past.

I think so as well. Flash, Snips and Snails are the ones who spend the most time with Sunset and know how she used to act the best. They would point out that Anon-A-Miss is way to obvious pointing at her to be Sunset.

Theres aalso another thing. Unlike what everyone writes I actually belive Princess Twilight may not 100% side with Sunset. Many make ponies to be flawless and all that bt Twilight has been shown to hold grudges case and point both Trixie and Discord. While she may not act the same as the human 5 I belive theres a part of her that may belive she is resposible, despite what everyone writes or argues Twilight dosen't know Sunset that well.


Oh fuck.

When Gilda finds out that was the wrong Sunset. Ooh she's gonna be in so much trouble. How many years does assault go for?

Well, life at Canterlot High is about to get very interesting... Full of police officers and maybe even hazmat suits.

In other words, congratulations, Gilda: you just bought yourself 2 to 40 years in prison.
This is where I got it from

Madox, don't keep us waiting so long for the next chapter, please.

And also, once CHS finds out they abused the wrong Sunset the whole time,...Let's just say The Devil will find himself some new toys to play with, if you catch my drift.

Two battered and bruised Sunset Shimmers, one an (presumed) orphaned Unicorn from Equestria, one a human Earth girl with parents. The question here is which Sunset are human Sunset's parents going to find first? It'd be bad enough if they find their daughter in this condition, but if they stumble upon the Equestrian Sunset Shimmer it would certainly complicate things. Imagine finding your child on the streets, beaten to a pulp, and when you go to comfort them, not only do they act like they don't know you, but they even act like a complete stranger. The first thing you'd think is that who ever attacked them hurt them so badly that they're suffering from amnesia, if not outright brain damage. Human Sunset's parents would no doubt launch a crusade against CHS for this.

Also, imagine how Human Sunset would feel when she sees her parents with her doppleganger? Now that'll add a whole new level of interest to this story.

To paraphrase Tim Curry, Satan is heating his pokers for CHS.

Her parents can sue the school for what they did

"Best regards from Rainbow and her friends."

God damn it. :facehoof:

It was pretty good, though I'm disappointed you seem to be taking the predictable route. But maybe I'll be wrong and you'll surprise me.

Things are heating up now. Hopefully human Suny's parents find there daughter and not Equestria Sunny. Otherwise things will be really weird. Either way, I don't see things working out so well for Canterlot High

Yeah, but, like I said earlier, it would certainly make things interesting. Bad enough that their daughter's been beaten to a pulp over false allegations, but if they end up believing that their daughter suffered brain damage (not recognizing them, acting like a complete stranger, etc.), and add to that that the school seems to have a record of Sunset Shimmer's misbehavior at the school, despite the fact that she just started attending CHS on that day?

CHS better duck and cover, because the shit's about to hit the fan in a big way!

Shouldn't this new girl get an OC tag?

What happens when two of the smartest girls, who happen to be the same girl, get together to end this madness? Dunno but im hoping well find out!

I'm sure we can all agree that one way or another things aren't going to go well for Canterlot High

is she goin to meet the equestrian sunset shimmer or has she already left for equestria in this fic?

Brace yourselves. A shitstorm is coming.

Took you long enough.

starts dark chest of wonders

Well now.... Holy shit! Welcome to Canterlot, Sunset. I was expecting Human Sunset to be bombarded by insults & foul language off the bat, but an ambush by Glida & her gang right away, caught me by surprise. Things are gonna more brutal & interesting from here, now that Human Sunset is officially involve in this sad & messed up situation.

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