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On Remembrance day 2018.... a story was posted. A story named 'New Town Alicorn'. This group is made for the members of the Comment War that happened on the day of it's posting. Those who are.... and those who are blocked, like me, the moderator of this group.

No disrespect to the author of New Town Alicorn.

Not meant as disrespect to the veterans of the wars in which people died, and those who died in said wars. Lest We Forget them.

Lest We Delete.

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Man I really trolled that libtard, Ben Shapiro style.

You were in the war, even if you did basically nothing.

I didn't think I would get invited because I never got banned but hey, I ain't complaining! XD

To be honest, I was surprised when he asked me to join the group, because I'm pretty sure my comments were mostly need giggling.

Mien fuhrer, please bless us with your horse words.

Well I can kill if you want! :D

Haunted Toaster said this on the story:

Everyone in this comment section got baited by a troll. This is a troll fic, the author is trolling everyone xD

Sorry. Do I look like Ted Bundy? I won't be killing anyone *Nervous laughter*

429247 you even know why this group exists?

Ah! That makes sense then.

I mean banned. Sorry, I'm not homicidal.


Its beautiful!!!

They are veterans of the war, no matter how much I want them banned.

Hey question. Why are Windlife and Tryhard allowed on this group?


Brothers, Sisters. Remember the great battle we fought. Remember the fallen who have been blocked, let the rage of their spirits drive you ever onward. Let the memory of facing this terrible foe be burned into your memories forever. Be proud that you that you fought in this daring and bloody battle. And if the tyrannical author dares to make a new chapter to his horrible story. Then I shall lead the charge, and we will unleash such TERRIBLE vengeance, that the future chapters will cry out in anguish.

Let's hope this war is over. But if it is not, we shall be ready...

Thus is war. We may not know why or how, but it is.

  • Viewing 26 - 45 of 45
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