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Autismo555 asked why there wasn't an Anon-A-Miss group on here, so I created a home for them, submit your Anon-A-Miss stories here, also if there are any stories I'm missing, please let me know via PM

Warning: Some of these stories can be dark and/or are NSFW, so read at your own risk.

This group is dedicated to stories connected to the Equestria Girls Holiday Special or as I "affectionately" call it: A Canterlot Confidential*

here are the rules
1: if you can't decide where to put your stories, then it's OK to put them in multiple folders but if you feel like one of the stories is in the wrong folder then PM me (this applies to sequels and prequels as well)

2: Please respect people's opinions and I don't want to see any flame wars, bullying, trolling and/or spamming, anyone doing this will be blocked from this group and if you don't like a story then DON'T READ IT and if you don't like this group and/or have nothing nice to say, then why are you here?

3: While Anon-a-Miss doesn't have to be the main focus of a submitted story, I do prefer if it's a small arc spanning a few chapters, I also allow prequels (for the sake of context) and sequels (again for the sake of context) to stories that have been added to this group as well

4: This group also accepts stories dealing with the aftermath and consequences, crossovers are also allowed and well this is obvious, no adding stories that have nothing to with Anon-a-Miss, so please read stories before you submit them here if they aren't yours.

5: when submitting ideas and describing them on the forum, try to avoid plot holes, also when making your submission a crossover, have a think if your idea is compatible with the Holiday Special and do research as well please.

6: When writing stories involving crossovers or where Anon-a-Miss isn't the main focus, try to resolve it if possible (this rule is optional)

7: to authors who submit their own stories here, please mark them as completed if you intend to place them in the completed folder

8: if you're returning from hiatus and have a story on here, feel free to post an announcement on the forum and a link to the story, just don't be doing it with every new chapter and of course, stories related to the group topic only

If you have any problems with posting stories, I've accidentally removed any stories or anything else, please message me

Also I am including a link to info about the story:

as well as the TvTropes Page:

*to those wondering about the nickname, deadmanx513 described the Holiday Special as being a "combination of both A Canterlot Wedding and Ponyville Confidential but with no redeeming factors"

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Sometimes I wonder if the Raimbows are really friends with Sunset because of Twilight's obligation or why they want to be friends with Sunset.

Okay I’m speculating here but what if sunset was shoved from the second story window to a non-fatal death which cause head trauma. The symptoms being; random ringing in ears, memory loss, lack of coordination, etc. and due to a unknown involvement sunset is taken from the human world without any modern medicine nor any way to deal with the serious condition she’s in to the point of horrible seizures that last much longer than normal. It’s a idea on a story but if any concept is used… I ask for a mention on it, I’d love to read it

Merry Christmas to everybody, And A Happy New Year TO THE WORLD!!!

Was the story Consequences of Betrayal on here, it updated an hour ago only to be deleted. Who was the stories author?

Wasn't there an AU Story of Anon-A-Miss where Sunset ISN'T Anon-A-Miss, but Applejack is accused of begin Anon-A-Miss?

Anyone know the title of a anon-a-miss fic Where fluttershy stayed by her side, I know there’s one with the rainbow no so kind of like that, but also nothing like that

If not maybe you can recommend any fan fictions where at least one rainboom stays by sunset’s side

I know of Hell and high water with rainbow

Since it's a group on Anon-a-Miss and I'm doing a story on it, I had the idea to post it here.
I need someone to pre-read my chapters and correct mistakes I might not notice.
Where can I find volunteers?

It is a good suggestion, though like you said, I do believe that is entirely up to the one in charge

Does anyone else wonder why we don’t have a folder for Anon-A-Miss stories where sunset just runs away. Like just get whatever she needs and just leaves. I think we could use a folder like that but this is a suggestion. Whoever is in charge doesn’t have to make this folder.

ask on the forum

Hi uh, can you guys help me edit the prologue of my Anon-a-Miss story? It's called Anon-a-Miss: AI.

not sure, ask on the forum

Just publish the second chapter but grammar. Has ever been my thing anyone now about how one would go about getting a editor ?

also post your idea on the group forum

actually it's a play on the word "anonymous"

An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters and sometimes syllables.

I just noticed it's an anacronym for Anonymous. Whoever came up with that, very clever.

Also, I have an Anon-A-Miss story idea, it involves Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Just in case anyone didn't see the thread: the story that inugami was looking for like a Phoenix/fall of harmony/contest of rivals/happenings if ever-free/- has been deleted by the author. Here is the link to the thread which leads to an explanation given by myself and moonlite. " what happened to like a phoenix"

Hey does anyone remember an Anon a Miss story where Sunset was adopted into the Earths Sparkle family, and transferred to Crystal Prep?
I tried looking for it to reread but it seems to have vanished.

does ANYONE have ANYTHING that is similar to the anonamiss stories?

Comment posted by SilverWind14 deleted Sep 14th, 2017
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