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Anon-a-Miss: Choose Your Own Adventure · 3:02pm August 3rd

Hiyo, I'm announcing that I'm working on a Choose your Own Adventure Anon-a-Miss story. I'm calling it "Anon-a-Miss: Rise of The Darcy Triplets.". It's gonna be a crossover. Whoever is an artist can able to make a poster for the story. Here's the characters.

  • Sunset Shimmer is the main protagonist who has a destiny nobody ever imagines; she is a long lost daughter of Queen Sunrise Shimmer.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy are the deuteragonist, along with Sonic.

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Uh dude your Anon a Miss SCOOB! story just disappeared. Like every link to it just leads to error 404. And I was just getting excited about reading it.

Thank for the watch.

saw the anoamiss venom crossover story if you write it let us know.

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