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After Sunset Shimmer committed suicide after a failed attempt to reason with her friends, her soul has transferred into an Artificial Intelligent doll by the DESTINY corporation. She has become friends with a sixteen year old named Lorcan Darcy who's buying a birthday present for her younger sister.

Chapters (2)
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Copying word for word is not being inspired by. If you haven't gotten permission from those authors to use their works, you need to delete this and heavily rewrite it as it's plagiarism.

Comment posted by Ballisticzebra deleted Sep 29th, 2019
Comment posted by Ballisticzebra deleted Sep 26th, 2019

Yeah! I was surprised and then shocked by the copy paste of the entire section you did there! Plus it makes no sense on why Sunset would up and kill herself when she had the Cakes support!

Dude you just screwed up your own story idea.

Here's a diff view. This story is on the left, "Anon A Miss That's Enough" is on the right. White bits in the sidebar mean direct copying.


Well, I'm working on my next chapter. I'll try my best.

Well. I hope you'll find an some that can help you out and fix the prologue.

I have a link to a group. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209880/anon-a-miss go there and see if you can ask for anyone to help you out with your story and fix your prologue.

Ok I no idea what the heck is going on. Why are there Dolls of the Girls why are they selling them Why did that happen?

You just threw in they selling dolls of the girl and no idea what for? how are they famous is this the EG universe or is it another universe all together?

Will you explain thing already?

Well, the prologue sets in the EG universe and the other one sets in another.

So are you going to switchback and forth between worlds?

Well, probably not, only for two more chapters like the news about Sunset's Suicide.

Please tell me the CMC are exposed as well.

They will. And they will be punished.

Oh boy a betrayed girl commits suicide and her spirit enters an AI doll and a young preteen gets the same doll on her birthday? This kinda reminds me of a certain killer doll https://thepopinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ChildsPlay.jpg :twilightoops:. This story's pretty good so far cant wait to see what comes next.

Yeah but this one is different.

This feels more like an Ashley Too type thing.

Yeah, that episode's kinda my inspiration.

Isn’t the start of this my oneshot

Yeah, i couldn't get some ideas for the prologue, sorry.

You could edit it out and give a brief description of events

I'm confused on what the Sunset doll size is. Is the doll Life sized or the size like in that anime Angelic Layer?

Comment posted by Guardian Amy deleted Oct 15th, 2019

Dude you have to credit him or delete the part that you took.

Agreed though to be fair Chucky was a full blown psychopath before he performed that voodoo transfer. And the alternate Chucky was just screwed over by a disgruntled employee who wanted to take out his company as a final buck you to them over reasons I don't know having not seen the reboot yet. Kinda reminds me of Jurassic Park with that spy and his nephew in the lego series trying to bring the place down for a rival company.

Given that Sunset isn't like Chucky at all, there's no way this can end bad for anyone other than the CMC and they're already gonna get punished cause of obvious reasons.

Im getting a child's play reboot vibe at fhe end of this chapter.

Ok, I need to say, when the 2 mysterious men said that they had her hair, did that mean a little bit of hair or the whole hair? That confused me.

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