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After being framed of being Anon-a-Miss, Sunset Shimmer as received a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck from Maximilion Pegasus, who invites her to take part in the Duelist Kingdom. With a help from her new friends, she decided to take part in the tournament to duel to find ten star chips to enter the castle for the tournament finals.

Will she win, or will she be eliminated from the tournament?

This might be the first Anon-a-Miss with Sunset Shimmer is bisexual.

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Okay, I like to read this new story. It interests me.

A anon-a-miss fic crossing over with Yu-gi-oh?

(deep inhale)


kinda fast paced and dunno sunset letting it go seems kinda forced, half expected her to let them know she left with a picture of her on the cruise ship flipping the bird with her dueling glove.

The story is interesting. I hope you'll continue it.

I could actually imagine Sunset make a joke about her being bisexual like this:
"I'm not a lesbian you know."
"I'm a bicorn."

OK. I wanna love this... but you paced it too fast. You should have Sunset blank out the rainbooms and just leave. When Rainbow tries to stop her sge just forces her hand off her shoulder and gets ready.

When the rainbooms are wondering where she went, they get a message and ut shows a selfie of Sunset on a boat with her flipinv the bird. Then a post from Anon a miss appears and THAT is when they rralise they fucked up. On the next message is this:
"Here's a secret for Anon A Miss. The she-demon is gonna live it up on an island! Have fun dealing magical problems without me!"

That is how you do the realisation!

Good idea. I'll do that last one in the next chapter

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Oct 18th, 2019

the fact that this doesn't possibly get them more then just a little suspicious kinda shows sunset should be angrier at them.

Yeah, I tried my best working on it.

This is getting good. I can't wait to read about Sunset's first duel.

Good and all but dude....what was with the bathroom bit? I don't think we needed to know that bit.

This is really good work, I can't wait to see what comes next.

Given how the other girls were acting in the previous chapter, I feel like they need to be chewed out ALOT.

Curious on what happens next and such.

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