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Check out this Rainbow Factory cover... · 6:54am March 14th

Hey folks, just popping on to share a neat cover I just found. Pristine Lavender sang Glaze's "Rainbow Factory". It sounds like it's actually Dash, singing through a modulator :D

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    So can someone link the pegasus device video in the comments, on a mobile phone and cant see it, but really want to watch it.

    Hello:ajsmug:may I be so bold as to ask for your permission to use the story "Rainbow Factory"?....I wish to merge it with a multiver of stories I'm creating, if allowed it wouldn't change your story and I would of course give you full credit for the "Rainbow Factory" portion of anything I do create?

    I miss your works and wish that you'd write stories still even if it's not MLP you can go on wattpad or something and write stories...I love your work

    Yo are you ever coming back? At least say hi!

    You told the story of the CWC you earned yourself hundreds of followers, have one more

    • Viewing 184 - 188 of 188
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