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Heart of Hearing - Polish Translation · 6:38pm April 10th

Hupsy daisy, hello! Imperium Ominosum is back with another Polish translation, this time of Heart of Hearing!

Don't know Polish? Don't worry! It's available in English too, right here! But if you do know Polish, find the translation here!

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You're very welcome, its well deserved praise. Also, thank you very much for the follow, I'm not sure what I did to earn it but rest assured its further pushing my writing drive!

PacifistDoodl3r was here ~ :rainbowhuh:

That's so awesome to hear! Thanks for the compliments and I am so happy to hear I've helped be an inspiration! :)

Very happy to see you are in good spirits and health, and I'm glad you found the writing muse again. Reckoning was great and I highly enjoyed the other works you have put out recently. Your work has always been an inspiration, and this renewed vigor of yours has pushed me to get back into the writing swing after off and on failed projects for the last 4 years, personal mental health issues aside.

Hope life keeps looking up for ya!

Awesome, I’m so happy for you. I know we don’t really know each other, but if you ever want someone to chat with about mental health stuff or just a cute picture of a pony, please feel free to hit me up.

  • Viewing 217 - 221 of 221
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