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Side Project · 8:29pm Feb 15th, 2017

I haven't been working on a lot of art or stories lately. As some of you know, I'm currently going through college to be an engineer. A computer system engineer. Which, while I am focusing on the hardware aspect of it, it does have a lot of programming in it. So I am, during my very small amount free time, working on a video game for my portfolio. I'm posting game development related stuff, including a lot of concept art, on a dedicated Tumblr.

Feel free to check it out:

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He's dead Jim. Prove me wrong

1619539 This message makes me happy in so many ways I can't even describe :twilightsmile::heart::heart::heart:

I've only now realized we're already well into the new year and I'm still using the avatar you drew me. Not only am I surprised at how fast the time flew by, I'm also surprised how I didn't get bored of it at all at any point. In fact, I recently printed it out and glued it onto my kitchen drawer in my people sharing apartment (everyone had to find something personal to mark their own one; there was nothing more personal than my avatar).

Please forgive me for breaking the cycle of my yearly avatar change, because I think I'm gonna stick with this one for much, much longer. :pinkiehappy:

Hey thanks so much for the help with my story before, especially if you're busy. I won't get my hopes up too high, but I'm trying to get that story out now after having 1 other person look at it and I want to get it out tonight, but I forgot to have someone look the actual story description that goes next to the title picture. So I don't know if the first thing people see is full of sentence structure mistakes and the like. It's only about 2 paraphrases. Can you help me out right now? I'll keep looking if you're not here right now. I need to reach SOMEONE.


Why, thank ya! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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