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Enigmatic Otaku

Write stories. Acquire followers and moderate horsefame.

Art of my OCs!

Support my work on Patreon!

Hiring me for a story commission.

Set price right now is about 8$ USD per every thousand words and I can only accept the money through Paypal. Telling me in advance the highest amount you're willing to pay helps out.

I don't do foalcon, MM, futa, scat, diapers, watersports, gas, vore, macro, micro, hyper genitalia or other things along those lines.

How the process goes.

You PM me, tell me what kind of story you'd like, and I'll discuss it further with you to get a clearer picture of what you're looking for.

I'm first come, first serve, so earlier commissions must be finished before I can get to yours. Once it's your turn, I'll be sure to alert you when I start work on your story.

Once I finish your story, Ill show it to you, you deposit the proper amount into my Paypal account, and I publish it. You can be named for the commission or remain anonymous if you so wish.

However, if you, by whatever means, fail to pay me for my work, either because you don't want to or you're constantly giving me excuses, then I will have no choice but to publicly out your username until I receive the funds you owe. This way, other writers can at least be somewhat notified of you.

Scammer(s) that owe me money for unpaid story commissions and other writers should look out for: Derpys Muffin Dealer (35$ since October 2015 for Compatible Vibes)

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Comment posted by shadow wolf1573 deleted Sep 5th, 2023

Epic, I look forward to seeing any updates, your stuff is damn good. Hope life goes well for you though friend

I never stopped. Life has just drastically slowed my progress is all.
An update for one of my stories should be out soon enough if the universe allows.

Heya, was just wondering, will you ever return to finish these horsewords you write so well?

Well... It could be worse sooo... :duck:

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