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Somepony has stolen one of Lyra's most prized possessions, and she was nearly one-hundred and eighty-three percent sure that she knew who stole it. Not that the guard cared. Oh no. They needed things like "evidence" and "motives" and "for her to stop calling the guard with crack-pot theories."

Well, Lyra wasn't one to give up. If it was evidence the guards wanted, then by Spode it was evidence they'd get. Hay, she could do even better than that, the guards couldn't ignore her if she got a confession straight from the culprit. Thief goes to jail, item gets returned, and Lyra's back in time for dinner. An honestly infallible plan. All she had to do was wait for the culprit.

This is my first fic, so I apologize for any melted eyes.

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Ha, finally, jesus took you long enough to get this up.

My Big Human? That's why Lyra is best pony :twilightsmile:

Somehow, you've got my version of what I think Lyra's personality like, spot on!

I was amused. Lyra's 'over reaction' to her missing fig and the overly dramatic narration really sold it.

And then Bonbon confessed, and suddenly it wasn't an over reaction at all. Cause not only was that not her possession to sell, but then she tries to justify it by dismissing the item in question as something unimportant?

Dick move Bonbon. Even if it was worthless to her, she should have been well aware of how much Lyra valued it, and yet she wasn't the least bit remorseful that she had willingly caused her friend emotional distress.

Bonbon is kind of a bitch here. And entirely in the wrong. Which is an interesting change from the way these 'character x completely over reacts to some minor affront of character y' stories tend to go.

Good work, I enjoyed it a lot.

Absolutely hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: As Bhaalspawn would say, "You get a cookie/follow."

Lyra is clever with interrogations. :rainbowlaugh:

That was fun :twilightsmile: Good start in ficcing.

Naycholas Cage? Abraham Lincolt? Batman? I love you.

A really fun little story , you made Lyras over done human thing interesting again

A++ would read again.

Lyras such a fucking derp XD!!!

Haha, oh, this is goin' to be a silly little romp where Lyra was being silly and -

“I sold it.”

... Wait, what?

Well, that got a bit depressing, quick.

Yeah, I'm just going to go ahead and follow this one..

I was hooked on the artwork.


Bon Bon: I didn't say anything, stupid...



First fic? That's awesome! Okay, here I go. Reading time!

1. Beneighdict Arnold
- Lol!

2. These beautiful collectables were Lyra’s most prized possessions: her collection of Human™ action figures from the My Big Human comic book series. (Which, by the way, she was also privileged to own the complete series)
- LOLOL!!!

3. Each individual figure was unique, colorful, and well designed with obvious quality craftponyship.
-ponyfied words one learns from time to time.

4. theiftess
-Is that a real word? If it isn't, I still get it.

5. Naycholas Cage
- You, Sir, are a genius.

6. Abraham Lincolt
- Awesome!

7. And unexpected error has occurred, please restart your Lyra.
- LOL!

8. “I can’t even remember what we were arguing about.”

Possible techinical errors:
Did she think is in good taste to soil the grave nature of her offence with dry humor?
- Did she think it is in good taste...

-Heresy? Or Hearsay?

This is a first fic? Holy wow. Awesome job! So many laughter moments! You make writing comedy, and writing in general, look so easy! Instant FiMfic classic in my book! Thumbs upping, and shelving!

5381037 Ok, I think everything's been fixed. Thanks for the heads-up!



Sorry, but I think I caught another one:
1. And unexpected error has occurred, please restart your Lyra.
- An unexpected error...

I want a Nicholas Naycholas Cage figurine.


My mom's got a crush on Naychola...er, I mean Nicholas Cage.

I have to say, for a first effort, this is really quite spectacular. I was laughing throughout, and I really think you nailed the characterization of OverlyDramatic!Lyra (which happens to be how I like to see her written.) I wasn't so much a fan of BonBon having actually been guilty, but I give you props for averting the trope instead of playing it straight. I also loved your use of language, whether it be inventive word choice ("thieftess") or clever turns-of-phrase (“Sweet Celestia, Bon-Bon. Did you eat a chocolate train?”) You do use "out of breathe" instead of "out of breath," "Homerless One" instead of "Honorless One," and "pallet swap" instead of "palette swap;" but I think that's it for glaring errors of the non-nit-picky variety. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more of your stories!

I have got to say, I like this story. So much potential and I love how Lyra considers Time Turner her mortal enemy. Will there be more?

5436197 I figured this was more of a oneshot, so I don't really know if there will be anything else.

Great job! So lovely and hilarious <3
This story made my day, thank you ;)

im sorry I had to the joke was there and I had to use it

Flawless 100 likes with no downvotes!

Faith in Spode quiets all doubt. Spode tells you why you exist, assures you that you have a purpose, tells you how to behave, and assures you of eternal happiness. Those opposed to Spode say that there is no evidence for any of these assertions. But what evidence is needed, beyond the joy in the hearts of those who follow Spode?

6891641 Soooooo... You're a Spore fan?

That way bucking great LOL!!!

I liked this read, it was fun and silly. But the explanation for the missing figurine wasn't what I expected. I thought it was going to turn out to be a misunderstanding... but instead it just turns out Bon Bon sold it, and she didn't even seem to care. Lyra making a hole in the wall isn't an excuse to sell one of her possessions without permission at all. Did she even try discussing the matter with Lyra? A nice "You caused this damage and I really think you should pay for it" would have been nice. I can't condone what she did and even worse how callous she is about it, despite Lyra supposed being her best friend. I just hope that human portal of Lyra's does end up working.

Other than that, it was still enjoyable.

This was amazing. Hard to believe that this was your first fanfic. I love this, I do have a question though: are they married or romantically involved in some way?

Absolutely 100% dating.

This fanfic is continued in
That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it!

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