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Octavia has questioned many times about why Vinyl enjoys being a DJ and how she could stand the music she plays. But never once had it ever crossed her mind to ask Vinyl a very important question, of all the instruments that were available, why did she choose the turntable?

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This is an interesting backstory for Vinyl.

Oh! I love this backstory. Five bucks says 'Tavi tries to get her behind a piano for a duet sometime though XD

Vinyl nodded back as she leaned back on her seat, it wasn’t a very simply story to tell, so she needed to figure out the best way to explain it.


It was just after I got my cutie mark; I knew then that music would be my life, but I didn’t know what I wanted to play.

Semicolon instead of first comma.

With a node Vinyl got up from her chair and made her way out of the kitchen.


*Slow clap*

This was briliant.

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