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After several jumps go wrong, Anon lands himself, er, herself into another land of colorful equines. This time stuck for an entire year before being able to continue on her quest of returning home.

Question remains, will Anon want to?

Proofread and edited by PseudoBob Delightus and Discombobulated Soul

Starts shortly before season one. More character tags will be added as they become relevant.
Includes a grumpy former human.
Dark tag for flashbacks.
Violence tag for flashbacks, mentions of past violence and the second chapter and tenth chapter
Will there be cake?
Maybe includes cake.

Chapters (23)
Comments ( 927 )

Shows promise. Following and looking forward to more, hopefully spontaneous combustion will wait.

There was a large explosion in the news here a bit ago. Some home blew up and it damaged several surrounding houses in the resulting fires.

That wouldn't have been you would it? Northern US, If I remember right. It made the news here in Florida.


Oh and Good story, Ill follow it with interest.

Thanks for the comment and nope, I'm from eastern Europe.

I promise nothing ;)

Thanks for the lovely comment, the compliment on the prose especially. I sometimes still struggle with my english and hearing that people like it does bring a smile to my face. And yes, having a proved dimensional hopper throw a curveball into everypony's plans and expectations was the main motivation behind this story.

Wait really?

I saw horses eat meat before, when some unlucky mouse found its way into the next meal of an inattentive horse. Scared the crap out of me, seeing them with blood in their mouth and thinking something very bad happened. 

Well, I did wrote it doesn't land well in their diet. Not that it doesn't work at all. But that fish thing? Huh, the more y’know, I guess.

Lookin good so far yo!

Ok, not gonna lie, this has me hooked.

The prose is pretty great.
Clear sentences, decent exposition that doesn't run on, descriptions that are clear-cut and impactful.

MC is not presented at the start of their struggles, but after having grown in experience and ability, sidestepping most pitfalls of "human/anon turned pony" that happen when one isn't writing a crack fic.

I'm gonna watch this with a great deal of attention.

Dimension-hopping filly with clear ability to prove stuff about herself and present abnormal non-magic abilities is verily an Out of Context Problem for the canon mlp world, and seeing reactions and interactions of others with her will be different enough I'm giddy for more.

A promissing start, but as an enemy of misinformation i have to adress this.

Figuratively, of course. The equine body with its flat teeth did not land itself well to a meat-based diet.

Horses are opportunistic carnivorse. In iceland they feed them salted fish in winter, the mongols mixed blood in their fodder, and there are multiple reports of horses killing and eating smaller animals.

To be completely fair, that horses can eat meat doesn't mean it is a good staple of the diet for them, the author is completely right ont that one.

Lest you misunderstand, horse stomach is just not built for digesting meat, it doesn't get stuff from it like omnivore or carnivore would.

Now, sure, larger herbivores are often seen opportunistically munching on smaller ones.
Thing is, however, that such behaviors are often dictated by lacking certain elements, not that they are built for meat-based foods to begin with.

Dont take it the wrong way, but with the username and the red font, this seems more like a threat than anything else.

... Okay then!

"It's just supposed to convey my more sinister approach at talking with people here, but yes I am indeed threatening you, continue or suffer eternal damnation."

Except for eggs. It really doesn't matter how much of a strict herbivore your species is, you stick an egg in front of anything and it'll eat it, so long as it will fit inside the creature's mouth. It is just too good of a bite sized chunk of fats, sugars and proteins to pass up.

Same, funnily enough, goes for bones. That's why horses and cows (along with other ungulates such as deer) tend to eat small animals, they're mostly after the calcium and minerals in the bones, which are fairly easily digestible and not so easily sourced from their environments.

So you are technically right in that it is more of a lack of something driving them to do it, but even if you balance their diets right, they'll still nibble on the odd mouse or chick. It is the same reason we will seek out certain fruits or meats when we don't really need to; all creatures seek variety and stimulation in their diets. Which means yes, some horses just like the taste of meat.

Don't forget horses are technically omnivores. Some are still born with fangs however this is predominant in mares moreso than stallions. This is one of the reasons why in some places fish are used as a primary source of salt for them.

As I have mentioned before, NEVER leave your BigMac, cheese or not on a fence post of a corral with horses in it.
Also, I had a student who had horses. You could not leave a bottle of beer on a fence post and expect to come back for it. bottle would be there no beer. d---m horse would put the bottle back.
I saw it!!

The beer is pretty funny. I used to help with horses when I was a kid and they would give them guiness on purpose.

I keep it short, thats where I learned to drink.

The funniest part is watching something the size of a horse trying to be sneaky then walking off
with mustard lips and a paper wrapper dangling from his lips

So far so good, I just hope to god that her name isn't Anon or the like. I can only make so many exceptions.

Just so your aware, horses are actually opportunistic carnivores. They'll only eat meat if it's easy to obtain, but they can't have too much or they'll get sick

Hmmm... Anon seemed to have experiences in dimension traveling. But how comes she doesn't seem to have any offensive spells?

i am so interested. i love the powers i love the backstory snipets i love the serious yet humorus atmosphere (i hope that stays somewhat constant) i would love reading the backstory either as a side story to this one or in flasbacks.

Keep it up!!

im getting allot of jumper flashes in my head


hopefully the backstory will cover that.

She doesn't have a name at all anymore. Why will be explained later but the short of it is: Fey. Fey are *****. Wait, they stole that word too? *****!


Our little green friend sadly lacks offensive unicorn magic. When teleporting to another dimension, the magic system changes, so she basically has to re-learn it all over again from scratch. If you learn the Harry Potter style wave-a-wand-and-say-a-magic-word kind of magic and then jump to a place where they use true names for casting, your bad Latin isn't going to help you.  So right now, she in an utter begginer with her horn.

Her other power has offensive uses, but it's all mostly derived from the ability to cut holes in reality. The problem with those is that they all use her as the focal point, so she has to get very close and none of them would harm a timberwolf in a substantial way from which they wouldn't just pull themself back together.

Against anything else, it can get very nasty.

The dark tag is mostly for bodily harm - nothing much worse than what was shown already the second chapter, and for the few of the dystopian realities she visited before. (For example, alternate earth history where the allies lost WW2 etc.)

Different world with different magic system.... a great concept. Lot of collab fanfics should have use this concept.

I hope dark tag is just plain vanilla sufferring alone and not included some weird BDSM fetishes.

"May I have your name? 🤡"
"Sure! It's-- uh... my name is, uh... ... ... you motherbucker.."
":twilightangry2: ..."

This just seems fun and enjoyable!
Whoever this little filly is, she seems at least somewhat competent. Her powers are… powerful, but seem to take much out of her very quickly. A good balance and fun to read!

Good to see an MC with a mix of both caution and hopefulness, many writers forget to balance out their MC's characters traits.

Eating cattail stalks and using the rest for tinder. Been playing “The Long Dark?”

Was pleasantly surprised by this; a very atypical Anonfilly story, and nicely written as well. Definitely tracking to see how this unfolds.

That's a legitimate survival tactic that works in real life!

But the answer is yes. 


Yes and I'm scared.

Please send help.


Had no idea what that was, googled it and the basic concept of a person jumping between different realities and sometimes gaining powers from them (though in this case, they tend to be more trouble than they are worth it and the character has no say in what they get.) stays the same. So… kinda unintentionaly yes? It's not following the exact same rules or anything but the premise stays. 

"with how this is blowing up, it looks like your gonna get roped along for the ride."

Comment posted by Gravic edge deleted Aug 28th, 2022

Well I enjoyed it. It has grabbed my interest.

Here is hoping they don’t search thru them too closely, otherwise this charade is going up in flames!

Some text speak slipped in here.

Do. Not. Touch. Me.”
The answer was ice. It spoke of steel and iron. Of rage so cold it burned. Of cities left in rubble and graves filled with undeserving.
It was a voice filled with barely held anguish.

The Nurse staggered backward. "My god, It's a Brony!"

Somehow, someway, this story is still featured at the time of writing this.
I mean…

Well, honestly? It's reasonably well written. The character is fairly level headed, which is rare. You put some over all thought into this. And th character isn't full of cringe.

I'm not at all surprised that it got featured. It deserves it.


Okay this made me wheeze

Nah, just an extremely obscure reference.

The nurse smiled at the farm pony, before turning to the best medical professional in Ponyville, currently doing snow angels in a mass of bandages. “Doctor! For the last time! Stop playing with the patients' items! Those cabinets are for safekeeping!”

Are you sure this pony was not Pinkie in disguise?

Equestria's secret service is overated in fanfics. In the cannon, they cannot deal with parasprite or ursa minor. Trixie's uprising pretty much go smoothly without resistant. Starlight's endeavour go unimpeded dor long time.

Something that interests me about this story is that the Apple family is going to be involved with Anon here. And given Applejack's Cutie Mark they can't insist or try to make Anon want to stay without outright refuting Applejack's own mark.

I kinda hope they try to help said anomaly. Like, you know, ponies.

With Trixie's thing it could be that their plan involved a longer turn-around time than Twilight managed, andd Glimmer's whole deal was hidden away.

What dose Applejack's cutiemark have to do with this?

I find it interesting how many of the recent anonfilly stories follow similar tropes, such as anon having anxiety, touch aversions, being magically gifted, hospitals, Applejack being one of the most prominent mane 6 characters, etc, and yet they all feel so distinct from one another, both the character and overall stories. I'm really liking this one so far, so keep it up!

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Sooooooo.....MC Hit the Worlds where Sombra Rules & other where Daybreaker glassed it over completetly.....no wonder she/He is suspicious as Fuck

Bob Bon...what are you and Celly planning?

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