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Another Possible Story · 9:47pm May 22nd, 2016

So lately I've been thinking about writing a second story alongside Where I Belong. It would give me something to work on to keep myself from getting burned out. Hopefully it would keep things fresh for me. I'd like to do an alternating update schedule, perhaps one chapter of Where I Belong then one of this other story. And basically I want all your input! Would you like to see that?

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Just agreeing with a bump! :twilightsheepish:
I actually marked it for a to-read when the first chapter came out, and then checked back a couple times before I forgot about it.
Came across it in a search and realized what it was. In my haste to reread TCaR (just finished again), I didnt notice Where I Belong was canceled. :fluttercry:

I agree, it's the best story I have ever read. I would absolutely love to see it continue, I first wan an explanation! :applecry: :flutterrage:

I was just going over my 20+ pages of story's I follow and am weighting for up dats.
some how I missed ware you canceled Where I Belong,
just wondering if this will stay canceled or if you are planning on bringing this grate story back?

Your fics are great! :D Some heartbreaking.. >~>.. But great nonetheless!

I'm always open to hear them, but I can make no guarantees I'll be able to do them.

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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