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We Focus on the PLOT collab is out · 1:49am May 3rd, 2015

For the past year I've been a staff member for the group "We Focus on the PLOT", which (go figure) is all about dat ass. Last week I submitted a short story that is now the lead-off chapter of a collab. If you've liked my stories so far, please check out the collab project here. Enjoy!

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1710309 Alright. I understand, man. Just making sure you're okay.

Yes, I'm still active. This account is an alter ego for my clop-only stuff, and my non-clop MLP projects have been keeping me very busy for the past few months.

You still exist, yeah?

Hi, just wanted to say I love your Cadence and Shinning Armor clop fics so much. They are so adorable, filled with humor and romantic cute hotness! I'd love to see more of your writings with them as well as other pairings that come to your mind. Love your work and can't wait to see more

ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF... :rainbowlaugh: I always wanted to do that!

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