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Wonderful! That was such a warm, tender scene.


Excellent. That was a really sweet moment. Don't worry about the French, I speak absolutely none.

Sweet and don't worry for the French, all is spell right.

What does Une Histoire D'amour Changeling mean in English?

Thank you all so much! And I'm glad the French at least wasn't too awful! Knowing google translate I could have just as easily said 'bowling with tuna' or something.

A Changeling Love Story

she drops the soap,

Welp, now she's gone and done it... :rainbowlaugh:

I think this had more than my recommended daily intake of d'awwws. Changebug snuggles. :heart:

Heh, don't worry man, for her? Dropping the soap is when the fun starts.

But thank you very much! I definitely need to write more about the changebugs and their snuggles.

A bit of sweet fluff. Just what the doctor ordered :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, the French isn't that bad, compared to the customary butchering of the good old American language I have to endure over here every day. What...? Oh, sorry...I meant American English, not to be confused with the various ripoffs from around the world.

Anyways, back to French, the only problem I have with the title is the capitalization on every word. You don't have to do that in French, uppercase letters work the same way in English as in French. The language that DOES capitalize a lot of words is German, which capitalizes all it's nouns, but I'm getting off topic.

As for the chapter title, it's fine, however it really does depend on what you originally wanted to say. If you wanted to say "The love of the natural", then keep it like that. However, it's not really that pretty to say. Instead, if you meant "Natural Love", then you should put "Amour Naturelle". Or, one thing that might actually work pretty well for the story, "The love of nature", which would be "L'amour de la Nature".

In any case, really cute story that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, as well as make me fist pump in the air at the sight of a changeling 2nd person romance story, that I have not seen a lot of on this site. Anyways, keep up the good work!

The thing about the capitalization is that in a book title, almost every word is supposed to be capitalized. Only certain words like 'the' remain lower cased. At least in English. You say they work largely the same in French though, so shouldn't they remain capitalized? As for the chapter title, 'the love of the natural' was specifically what I was going for, so I'm glad that translated correctly! Though, your suggestion of Natural Love would have been a very good chapter title too.

Anyways, thank you so much and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I completely agree there is far too little 2nd person changeling fics.


7556943 no problem, i'm glad to see you writing again. Google translate works fairly well for smaller stuff. I've heard horror stories, but i've never seen anything to bad in person.

This was out of the blue, mate. I don't recall you mentioning anything about this little ditty. I remember somethin' about a french title but nothin' about a changeling.

It's a wonderfully captured, heartfelt little moment between lovers. One allaying the insecurities of the other with declarations of his admiration of her true form.

Very nice. :scootangel:

Yeah, I really got out of the groove for a while and I'm trying really hard to get back into it the swing of things. Little fics like this help a lot!

Heehee, this one literally happened on a whim! PuPu gave me the idea a couple nights ago and I just decided to crank it out in one sitting. And thankya kindly, I'm really glad you liked it! :ajsmug:



7560388 I had just read To Find a Rainbow and caught up on Where I Belong a week or two before you had initially quit the site, so I was glad to see you where coming back. I get what you mean about starting with small one shots. I'm trying to get into writing and I'm starting with some one shots.

This was amazingly cute. Thank you for sharing it with us.

This story has given me the feels and aws.

This is all kinds of cute. Well done. :twilightsmile:

I wish There was more stuff like this I like to see people being nice to changelings it is nice to know people can love even something most find scary and evil that they can see behind the veil a kind and loving soul I'm rambling again aren't I sorry anyway loved it

Fabulous, just what I needed



As for the chapter title, 'the love of the natural' was specifically what I was going for,

I would have used "au naturel", but my knowledge of French is .. limited.

My apologies for any and all butchered french.

You wasted a perfect opportunity to use "Pardon my French."

So cute and comfy, I love stories with a simple changeling drone.

As for the title, a more appropriate way to word it would be "Changeling: une histoire d'amour". I see what you've attempted but for it to be coherent, you'd need an extra word before changeling and that word simply doesn't exist in French.
"Une histoire d'amour de changeling"' would be as close as it is possible to get, and with that phrasing "changeling" would refer to changelings as a population, not as an individual member of the species.

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