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I write all the time, I give too much detail, I am a pervert and I will not act my age unless I am in a bad mood. Welcome to my mind, don't get hit by the bucking door >:3


Not everyone goes in an epic journey, not everyone has an epic tale to tell. Some just appear, some things just happen. Sometimes a few words, some kindness and a kiss can create a miracle.

Sometimes all you need to know is that all you need is some love, no matter what you are.

Cover picture created by V-D-K. Hope you don't mind

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Comments ( 18 )

Yes, changelings do.
A thoroughly enjoyable read. Have a thumbs up!

What's going on with the word count?


Thank you ^^ Happy to hear you enjoyed it :3


I honestly have no clue o3o/ It doesn't seem to want to change, but I don' mind too much.

No! Take mine instead!

I don't know about any else, but for me it sounded poetic.

Her fear of her queen finding.

Why would she do anything?

Anyways heartwarming read. I wanted more.

Wonderful, and simple. While I do love a good long narrative, something short and sweet feels right tonight, thank you.

Only chapter: 1,047 words. What FIMfiction says:624 words. You got an error FIM. Right off the bat.


Hah! I'll take every thumbs up >:3! Thankyoush ^^


Oooh thankies a lot for the compliment :3


Thanks ^^ Though why fear? Well, if you look at it from the point of view of a drone that got someone that cares for him/her without any kind of disguise... Well, you could understand a bit of fear when it comes to your queen probably more than ready to exploit such 'food' source.


Thanks a bunch :3! I hardly do short things, I tend to focush on longer, more detailed stories, but I just had this one bottled up in my head and it just felt right. Happy to hear you enjoyed it ^^.


Yea, tried updating it a few times, but it doesn't seem to give a darn. Could be worse I supose.

5955040 Or maybe it may change her mind on whether changelings can coexist with other species *shrug* depends on the kind of Chrysalis you would use.

I couldn't finish this story. I had to stop only after a few paragraphs and I'm going to tell you why. As poetic or whatever it may be. I can't stand stories like this. Everything is being implied and not lived. You talk about things happening and yet we never get to read about them. The idea would be a good one in its own right, but I think you blew it. You decided to go with a shorter and somewhat heartfelt tale about two souls that met and came to love each other. However, it has less of an impact. Because there was no real journey for the reader to experience. I in turn stopped caring about the story and that's why I stopped.

I won't downvote this, but I won't upvote it either.


Hey, can't say you aren't right but can't say you are either. That it blew or not depends on the reader and it is an opinion I'll respect. I don't do short stories since I prefer longuer ones and, as said, I did this in this way because I had it in my head and wanted to just write something simple that I considered cute. You are perfectly allowed to not enjoy it as anyone else, and I am sorry you didn't enjoy it. I do thank you for the time you took to write a comment though, as well as your sincerity :3

A good little piece. You owe me a new heart, by the way. I agree, there's an entire group dedicated to giving Changelings more love :pinkiesmile:

*Looks at cover picture*

i did a drematic read of your fan fic


\o3o/ I dunno what to say other than thank yoush ^^ Also you get a boop :3 *Boops yer nose*

Would be nice to see this great idea become a bigger story, it's so lovely:heart::pinkiesmile:

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