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Octavia was happy being Vinyl's girlfriend. They loved each other. They were going to get married some day and spend the rest of their lives together. She couldn't imagine how they could be happier.

Too bad things aren't happy at all.

Cover art by CyanAeolin

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Diamond Tiara is under a lot of stress.

Her father wants her to one day succeed him as the CEO of Barnyard Bargains but every decision she makes as Assistant Manager seems to disappoint him. Between spending her days at school and her nights at work, she has no time for studying and her grades are starting to suffer. And with only a few more months until graduation, she's running out of time to catch up.

But even when it feels like nothing is going her way, she can at least find comfort in the arms of the one she loves.

Cover art by SusieBeeca

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Moonshine is tired.

She works hard all night to provide for herself and her young son, Stardust. They live alone in the small bat pony village of Hollow Shades, on the ground floor of their tree home. It's not easy, raising a foal by herself, but she'd stop at nothing to provide him with everything he could want.

Well, almost anything. Some things just... aren't meant to be.

But together they make it through. One night, she keeps telling herself, it'll get easier. One night, they won't be alone anymore and they can be a family again. One night...

Until then, she'd just have to hold her flickering lantern a little closer.

All characters belong to the awesome KarpetShark. Go give her some love, she deserves it.
You can also find Moonshine's ask blog here.

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Matthew was a simple man. A tech support specialist from Nondescript, USA. He had a simple life, filled with all the monotony that having a career you don't care about can bring.
But then he wakes one morning to find himself in a new world, very unlike his own.
Now two years after his... relocation to Equestria, he's found himself a family in the zebra Amiti and his daughter Maya. He thinks dealing with recurring nightmares and the tribulations of adjusting to being a father are the worst of his worries, but sometimes fate just has more in store for you.
Heartwarming family misadventures ahead!

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