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Octavia was happy being Vinyl's girlfriend. They loved each other. They were going to get married some day and spend the rest of their lives together. She couldn't imagine how they could be happier.

Too bad things aren't happy at all.

Cover art by CyanAeolin

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I like it!

I came here for a good time and now look at what you have done!

Good story though.

I came here to feel a different kind of feel than I felt. I feel unlike how I felt i should have felt.

I really like this sad kind of stuff. I don't know why. I guess cause it really does make me feel.

I feel like it could have been longer...

Hm. It feels incomplete. It's great so far, but I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Was this a misunderstanding and the panties were part of Vinyl's plans? Was Octavia right? What does the suspicion and/or unfaithfulness do to their relationship?

I really like what you've got, but I want to know what happens next.

That ending was perfect, just the right amount of ambiguity.

Is it all a misunderstanding? Was Vinyl unfaithful?

This one will stick with me.

I need closure! :raritydespair:


Thank you all so much! :twilightsmile:

There will be NO closure! :flutterrage:

6910792 Nuuu pls, I want closure as well! D:

Not gonna happen. :pinkiehappy: What the story tells you is all the clarification you'll ever get.

6910897 :fluttershyouch: Oh well, it's probably for the best :(

6910792 You monster! :raritydespair:

“No, everything’s fine, Vinyl. I love you, too.” ....cdn.meme.am/instances/54527588.jpg how dare you.... HOW DARE YOU!

Considering statistics, a whole lot of relationships include the here implied. Thus, I ain't risking it.

And maybe Vinyl is not hiding anything and it was a misunderstanding, albeit a suspicious one.
Not talking about things can lead to a lot of problems.

Well written though :twilightsmile:

You fucking arsehole! You utter utter cunt of the highest calibre! I thought we were mates, how could you do this to me? With flamin' Octavia no less. Of all the flamin' sheilas you could've used, you chose her. Surely you saw this comin'?

Was I excited to see you've posted a new story? Yes, yes I was.
Was I even more excited to see the Octavia tag? You bet your hairy arse I was.
Was I too keen to get into the story I completely skipped over the sad tag? Maybe, kinda, sort of.
Was it a flamin' good read regardless? Abso-flamin'-lutely.
Was it everything I loved hating you for wrapped up in one neat little oneshot? Yeah, I s'pose so.

Have ya little green thumb. Shove it up your arse though!
Have ya little gold star. You can pin it to your chest, right where your heart would be. If you fuckin' had one. Bloody Octavia man! I cant believe you used her!

Welcome back mate. Great to see your skills have in no way diminished. May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door in.


Thankya kindly!

Haha, I was kind of wondering what you would think of this one. Glad to know you both loved AND hated it!

Well, you did us just that. You made probably the best one - shot I've ever read end like that. :rainbowderp:

I don't know if I should praise you and kiss you all over for your writing skills, or look for a good way to make you suffer without killing you for making me doubt the meaning of Life and of my admiration for Vinyl.

You asshole. I love you. :heart:

Just for the record, I utterly love Vinyl and this was not done out of any sort of malice towards her. Or to Tavi. They are easily two of my fave ponies. But thank you! I take all of that as a compliment. :rainbowlaugh:

The lack of closure was perfectly brutal. Nice work.

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