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Moonshine is tired.

She works hard all night to provide for herself and her young son, Stardust. They live alone in the small bat pony village of Hollow Shades, on the ground floor of their tree home. It's not easy, raising a foal by herself, but she'd stop at nothing to provide him with everything he could want.

Well, almost anything. Some things just... aren't meant to be.

But together they make it through. One night, she keeps telling herself, it'll get easier. One night, they won't be alone anymore and they can be a family again. One night...

Until then, she'd just have to hold her flickering lantern a little closer.

All characters belong to the awesome KarpetShark. Go give her some love, she deserves it.
You can also find Moonshine's ask blog here.

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I love it! No spelling mistakes I caught. The story was nice and simple but had a lot of charm. I nearly fell in love with Moonshine and Little Star as I continued to read. It was definitely different from most of the other "extravagant" stories here. Keep up the good work. In fact, I will definitely read another story about these two. I give you


I like this story and am going to look at your other stories for it. ^^


I'd like to see another one with the whole family while dad's on leave.

Thanks! I hope you like my other stories, though you may notice most of them are more adult in tone (read: mostly clopfics), so they're a little different than this one, ha. If you don't care for those, that's cool. Thanks for stopping by anyway!
Thankya kindly! :ajsmug:
I would actually be happy to write something like that; it could be fun! I may wait until her ask blog gets the chance to show us a little more about him, though. It's hard to write about a character you know nothing about, heh.

I-I think I got something in my eye.
That was one of the most beautiful fics I've ever read.

Heh. Yeah, that fits Moonshine like a glove. Pretty cute. :twilightsmile:

hold the cards better with his wings then his hooves!


Yeah, that was... on purpose. Cuz, that's how he pronounced it. He hasn't learned the difference yet, cuz he's little.
Yup, that's my story.:rainbowderp:

A beaut little tale. :twilightsmile:

I must've missed something; is her husband KIA or just on a really long deployment?

Long deployment. He's a member of Luna's Night Guard, and so spends most of his time in Canterlot.

Oof... This one hit surprisingly close to home. A real gem I just randomly stumbled upon through the Similar Stories box on another fic.

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