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Matthew was a simple man. A tech support specialist from Nondescript, USA. He had a simple life, filled with all the monotony that having a career you don't care about can bring.
But then he wakes one morning to find himself in a new world, very unlike his own.
Now two years after his... relocation to Equestria, he's found himself a family in the zebra Amiti and his daughter Maya. He thinks dealing with recurring nightmares and the tribulations of adjusting to being a father are the worst of his worries, but sometimes fate just has more in store for you.
Heartwarming family misadventures ahead!

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The synopsis is making me nervous...
At least it isn't peaches.

Well, rest assured there are no plans to involve peaches yet.

I actually have no idea. I just know there shouldn't need to be peaches at any point in the story. Now, apples you may have to be on the look out for. They may creep in, sneaky little bastards.

Love it, write more please :D

Can't get enough. Nice Work. I love it so far. :pinkiehappy:

So far so good, definitely keeping this on the read list

*bawls*:fluttercry: That is so beautiful! *claps* well done.

Waiting for Trotot

How do they do the thing with the shoes?

With horseshoes, maybe?.
(In all honesty, I haven't gotten to see that play either, so I don't know what part you're referring to. I've just always wanted to see it!:twilightblush:)

3943028 I studied the whole thing in senior drama, it's quite good.

Yeah, I heard about it when I was looking up stuff about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (one of my favorite movies of all time), and it sounded like something I'd love.

I flopped back onto the bed, sweaty and exhausted, but absolutely satisfied. Amiti rolled onto his side next to me and I snaked an arm underneath him to pull him close. He settled into my side, just as exhausted-looking as I felt and sighed contentedly. I fought to stay awake as the Sandman’s call sounded in my ears.

So...who was the top--I mean cop, and who was the robber?

I like to think they take turns. You know, to keep everything fair.:pinkiehappy:
But I'm thinking of adding another story to contain the steamier moments of this one. When I get the time to write it, anyway. So, keep an eye out for that to find out!

Will do.
...Though I'd be a bit worried about the size difference...

IT LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Oh, this is so sweet. I love this story.


But I'm thinking of adding another story to contain the steamier moments of this one.

Yes please.

Can you get back to writing this please ;_;

GAH!!! Oh well. I was hoping to see that scene but never mind.

Yay, a chapter, and a good one.

It begins to continue, gentlemen.:moustache:
Let us hope it continues to begin.

Yes, yes and yes.

“I spent all day foalsitting a new filly who had no interest in learning how the bank works. But, her father is Filthy Rich, one of the most influential ponies in town, so Penny Pincher is bending over backwards to keep him happy.”

Wait a minute, I thought Diamond Tiara was at the spa being trained by Matt. Was she working both places at once that day?

Wow, I can't believe I missed that. I put the wrong name there. Oops. :derpytongue2:
I'll fix that in just a moment. Thanks for catching it!

*Reading description* x3 hmm.... Human in Equestrial, well I'm already interested. *continues to read* O//w//O Human and his zebra husband?! SOLD! *Like Fav Begins reading everything*

Officer Matt is highly talented with his night stick!:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:
Officer Matt guns down robbers with his shotgun!:trollestia:

They both had a noticeable accent; something if I had to define I’d say was vaguely European, though I’d never asked them where they’d grown up. It was undeniably sexy, though.
Perhaps I shouldn’t say that. I mean, they are my bosses and I am married.

No one is that gay!

There needs to be more zebra ships, more gay zebra ships, and more gay/bi/lesbian humans in Equestria!

Lovely story!:pinkiehappy:


Pretty interesting fic. You don't see much M/M HIE. I hope you plan on writing more if/when you start again.

Pity this fic's dead. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it, it's a shame it likely won't be updated again.

Rip in pepperonis

Any chance of this continuing?

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