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In the red/blue version of pokemon it says this about haunter: "Haunter can pass through solid walls. It is because of this that it is believed it is from another dimension." A fact I can confirm for you, personally.

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it's pretty cool, so far

It's missing a Pokemon Tag

Forgot that was a thing, fixed.

Reminds me of Black Fog from the EToP manga

You have my attention mortal, I look forward to the next chapter

So that's it. Dang. I'll keep a lookout still for updates.

Buen concepto la verdad

Due to popular demand I will be penning an extra chapter or two, keep an eye out in the next day or two.

Why you create such fun things o.o
I just want to
I'ma track this for should it ever be continued I will read it

Why do you have it listed as 'On Hiatus' when you appear to be updating it regularly?

I mentioned that due to popular demand it would receive 2 updates. This does not change the fact that it will not be receiving updates after they are posted.

Unfortunate, but I can wait a few years.

Well, you never know. If someone who really likes it comes along and commissions more, or requests more through patreon then we might see some updates soon.

That would be splendid!
I wish I had the finances and capabilities to do it, but If nobody else is doing it, I might be in a good financial position in around 3 years.

Well the request tier's only five bucks and first time requesters are guaranteed to have their request chosen. Just saying :P

Thank you, I will keep that in mind.

I hope those rocket guys end up being goofy, instead of dicks

This seems like a fun time. Wonder how it will go in future installments.

Thank you for creating this!
I am looking forward to joining your patron, as soon as I have everything set up.

I'm just laughing over n over at the devilish nature!

I honestly thought that no one could out-stupid Team Rocket, but these are ponies we're talking about and they might have only rudimentary knowledge of how Pokemon work.

Then, it broke, the wall holding my emotions in check collapsing and flooding my sister with panic and fear, my body letting out an involuntary shreik .

Sister should be system.

Enjoying the story!

Lock, Stock, Barrel. . . . . Nightmare Before Christmas.

Fight Run Bag Ball
Zecora used ball
Zecora threw insence pot
Captchure chime
It failed haunter ran away

Will this ever be updated, I wanna see more of it.

Eventually maybe. It's a request fic, so my supporters can request more but that's infrequent. I do have most of the story planned out though so it wouldn't be hard to jump back into it.

Of course! I wouldn't leave ya'll hanging for long. I do intend on penning the next short arc and dumping it all in short order before putting it back on hiatus, but I'm not sure about that. I dont want to get people's hopes up.

I thank you for responding, I hope you keep up the good work as well!

You know I will. Make sure to check out the Jest Days of Christmas blog in case you need anything more to read. I'm trying to update something once a day every day in December.

I do hope there be more

Whenever a supporter wants more, there shall be more.

Are you forcing me to become one fine

But after i wake up and find you patreon

lol sure thing. The link's at the top of my profile. Once you're in make sure to head on over to the request thread and mention you want a continuation of this fic. :P

Thanks in advance!

Btw the patreonlike has bad gate way so need the name of the profil of patreon


Link still works fine on my end. Either way its Jest over on patreon.

or https://www.subscribestar.com/thirtyravens

on subscribestar.

The request tier or higher. Whichever suits you best.

just did and i hope i dont regret it after words

I mean I dont think you will. Either way, thank you for your support.

i just hope for something to read and the i like darker storys and this intersts me

I was sure this fic was dead.

Fitting, aint it? Thankfully a kind supporter has chosen to donate their requests to this fic. So expect more soonish.

And this is how you recruit a disillusioned zebra to your team of fledgling terrorists freedom fighters.

Haunter was always my fav of that line of evolutions. Liked the disembodied hands it had going on.

Just remember Hunter is a dual type and not just a ghost

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