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This story is a sequel to Five Centuries Of Peace

All things, both good and otherwise must end... Or so they say, anyway.

Check out the first in the series, here!

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“What not?” Celestia asked.

ahem . .

Still happy to see more.
Even if we never got them pestering luna and twilight on their honeymoon :P

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

No problem, good stories deserve bug fixing *rimshot*

There needs to be a word for something halfway between a groan and a laugh.

For the Beauty of a Pun lies in the Oy of the Beerholder.

I see other immortals are slowly tapping out, while Celestia and Chrysalis power through the ages (with a little outside help in case of Chrysalis). Who knows when (or if) it will end. What comes after millennia? Either way, I look forward to more of this story. ^^

Ok, I actually have to admit , at the start of this I though this would be about getting Celestia to accept Chrissys Death and Cadence only strengthened that thought.

Well you turned that around very quick…

Obviously that was the design of the whole Chapter, so nice job there!

Loved this story.

At this point, I assume fifty millennia of (something) will be this story's sequel if one ever exists, where culture has somehow changed even more significantly, e.g. creatures have spread out through space. (joking)

EDIT: This was an unrelated joke about https://forty-millenniums-of-cultivation.fandom.com/wiki/Forty_Millenniums_of_Cultivation_Wiki for a joke story I had considered elsewhere.

I've always had a similar head canon of Queen Chrysalis being long lived, not immortal.

I've kind of imagined her own form of immortality as the Changeling Queen to be one final, extreme shapeshift at the end of her current life's timeline.

Basically, the Changeling Queen is able to shapeshift their body permanently, right down to the DNA, which can only be done if they've stored enough love to power it up to this point.

The shapeshift, however, is so complete, that it's basically like a factory reset, that is to say, when Chrysalis does it, she'll lose all of her memories and basically become a new person. Only the basic, most ingrained knowledge, like walking, rudimentary magic use, speech, and other stuff she used every day carries over. Some key personality traits too, probably, and an instinct to serve the hive.

Kind of like a phoenix, a new, young, healthy changeling is born at the death of the last, though the new changeling will view herself as the previous ones daughter, not the same mare.

I assume Cadance already talked to Flurry Heart about her decision off-screen?

Short, but interesting premise of stories capturing glimpses of the loneliness of immorality. While fascinating, I hope this is the last one in this series; perhaps it will end with them being the last two immortals and we finally reach an age where magic is nothing but a fairy tale? I say last two because Twilight will have become skynet by this point, ushering in eons of technological advancements with her 'Synthetic' lover. :twilightsheepish:

I'd thought of Flurry Heart not being mentioned being funny, but refrained from commenting earlier. My head-canon is it not mattering because of a strained relationship with Flurry Heart's parents, as in some entries to https://www.fimfiction.net/group/217460/shining-armor-is-a-terrible-dad-2024-competition and https://www.fimfiction.net/group/215615/cadance-is-a-terrible-mom-2021-competition

I retract my last statement now i am waiting for an Epoch, an Aeon, then the fucking heat death of the univeres, then the big bang again. And have it all start over again.

This was sweet.

A nice happy ending. Still, I wonder why I still feel for Chrysalis. Hm.

Celestia caught the scene of fresh cricket pie being cooked

it kind of sort of works, but i guess you meant to write scent there.
also, why are there onions in it?

A surprisingly beautiful chapter. There's just one little thing that sticks out like a sore thumbwing:

“A lot of things,” Cadance replied. “I’ve been running on fumes for almost a millennia at this point...”

Millennium. :twistnerd:

69th view. Nice. :raritywink:

Even more beautiful than the first chapter. I hate being That Guy, but I must point something out:

"Twilight tried to suggest that we a robot or something but there was no time. A decision had to be made," Celestia added.

You accidentally a word there. :derpytongue2:

No worries, I apreciate the correction. That last chapter was put out a bit faster then most so I was worried it had a bunch of errors. Good to see there ain't a ton in there.

Well told series. The end holds promise and hope, but is still quite bittersweet. True soulmates. A love for the literal ages. I do feel that in some of the previous stories these two got a little OOC, but it wasn't too much. I feel like Chrysalis agreed to the wedding very quickly and Celestia was quite peppy for being on the front line of a war, but other than that I loved their interactions.


Also shout out to Shining Armor - you're the man stallion dude creature, bro (tough the question remains: did Cadence know or did she feel really silly at the end?)

She absolutely did not know until the day she died. Then she felt very silly indeed.

That was just such a lovely and bittersweet ending to the "Series of Five" as I've dubbed the stories as a whole. Very lovely and heartwarming! :heart:

All of these were fun to read. Thank you for the words.

This might be the end of the series, but it is merely a beginning of Eternity of Love. ^^

Making me cry with this one jeeze.

This chapter kind of reminds me of The frozen time finale of Futurama. I can’t believe I have to specify which series finale of Futurama.

Theres almost more finales then seasons...

:rainbowlaugh: hope everything‘s going good in your life

Honestly its pretty good atm.

And as for Futurama, though its sad it got canceled so many times those finales were great episodes so I'm kind of okay with all the cancelations.

I missed the release of some of these but i gotta admit this is amazing. (No I don't care about the few grammatical errors I was too caught up in the story to care to mention them). We need more stories like this. Maybe art because quite frankly the thumbnails do not do this fic justice.

I wanted to know what "Megaanna" means, I looked for a translation and couldn't find it. Excellent story and a worthy ending, I just wanted to know how Chrysalis died.

Mega-annum or meganna is synonym of megayear or a period of 1 million years. And its said in the story. A ninth dimensional god of unreality.

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