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Twilight awakens to find that she is no longer an alicorn, nor a pony for that matter. Rather she has become the fearsome Queen of the wasteland.

This started out as an exploratory idea, that patrons requested more chapters of and was viewable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of adding onto this story for just 5$ or to see stories early for just 3$!


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Partially inspired by this image, which is roughly Twilight's new appearance. i.ibb.co/Lxyh3rZ/e5c396de6c14c96c9a1bbb29986bc8da.jpg

Also, suggested audio.

So. Twilight wakes up in I'm assuming the New Vegas area as a Deathclaw. Interesting and unexpected.

As well as a bunch of caps, though she threw them in the garbage, along with the books, her heart aching all the while.

Oh Twilight, honey. You don't just waste bottle caps like that. Granted you didn't know at the time, but damn.

Loving this so far. Going to be interesting to see how she goes from awkwardly adorable and reluctant killing machine to a so called "Queen of the Wasteland".

I thought she was a Rathian from Monster Hunter XD

Didn't even notice that this is a Fallout crossover. I just read the fics name and immediately thought of Twilight being a Rathian XD:rainbowlaugh:

Well isn’t she a deathclaw? What she going ti spend it on and with who?

I mean she does have a human companion.

The only thing I'm sad about is being too poor to beg you for more chapters. I love this story.

I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone seemed to enjoy this story so I have no doubt that others will request more.

twilight has the power of death claw . if she can cast magic either from hands or hoens is unkown.

I hope the Courier joins up with House, but knowing that people generally don't understand the consequences for their actions, it's likely she'll go for NCR or Independent, both of which will eventually end in failure.

Awesome story! Anxiously waiting for more :twilightsmile:

Little niptick:

Though experienced with walking bipedally due to her time in an alternate reality, these legs bent backwards just below the knee.

Makes no sense for that to be weird for that, ponies ankles are already that high. She only changed from stepping on tiptoe to the... Sorry, don't know the correct name, but the fingers and their joint to the feet. Get leg structure remained quite the same.

Its not quite the same as a pony limb, plus although vaguely familiar in the joint sense shes never experienced that bipedally, as its an entire different method of locomotion that is distinct both from a pony and a human.

I just spotted this on my feed. I am intrigued and will read the three chapters. (me pretending to be indifferent even though I already know Jest has created something great...... again.....)

Janey and Twilight? XD Or the busted robot reffered to as lil fisto in my notes?

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think because I rather like this story.

I can’t tell what I would find scarier a deathclaw with twlight’s intelegenct and maybe magic. Or a armored deathclaw with a gattling gun

Considering how quickly deathclaws kill me with claws I'll take the gattling gun over vanilla. Between that and armor it might be slower on foot.

I like this story a lot, although you could use some capitalization and grammar fixes. Good job otherwise

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You mean the human has an extra-dimensional mutated deathicorn as a companion :P

That is a better way of saying it. :P

It's a little wordy in places, but this has caught my attention. Janey also seems to accept Twilight super quickly... but on the other hand this is the Wasteland, things are weird, and there was also that intelligent Super Mutant.

Good eye. That will come up again later.

“Thats stupid, why use bottle caps? Anyone can make them.” Twilight questioned.

That's actually not true. You need specialized equipment to make bottle caps.

Specialized equipment that is everywhere on Twilight's world. Plus in modern times anyone CAN make them. Also, shes mostly reffering to the fact that currency is usually controlled exclusively by the goverment.

plantigrade: walks on the toes and the metatarsals of the feet (soles). Humans, primates, mustelids, rodents, bears, hedgehogs, etc
digitigrade: walks on the toes of the feet, but not the metatarsals, which are raised along with the ankle. canines, felines, birds, foxes, etc
unguligrade: walks on the tips of the toe(s) of the feet, which are covered with hooves. Horses, cows, pigs, etc

Her thick, leathery hide covered every inch of her body, including her torso, which had two small mounds where she assumed her breasts would be.

Deathclaws were the result of the U.S. Military genetically modifying chameleons to create killing machines to unleash in the sewers of communist China (at least that is as close as I can remember from reading a terminal in Fallout 3.) Deathclaws really are reptiles, and therefor should not have mammaries.

I have absolutely nothing against boobies appearing on things that do not normally have boobies, but I think that dropping that one line in the description of Twilight's body would be pointless if it doesn't come up again.

I'm basically saying that I hope that Twiclaw's leathery pseudo-knockers become plot relevant at some point in the story.:raritywink:

I, too, ship it.:rainbowdetermined2:

In the very first comment on this story, written by Jest himself, he included an image of what Twilight's Deathclaw form looks like. It's not a regular Deathclaw her design is based on.


i appreciate the reminder of the post (I honestly typed out my comment before scrolling down to see the image.) But I do still hope that there is some in-universe explanation for why Twilight's body is so unique, whether or not it ties directly into why her soul ended up in it.

Yeah, an in-universe explanation would be appreciated. Currently my theory is it's tied to her magic, or an unintended result of whatever process happened that turned her into a Deathclaw in the first place. Although we also don't know how the hell she came to end up in the Fallout world...

Apparently she got turned from a pony into a deathclaw already in the universe, so that might likely be because she's an actual hybrid instead of a pure conversion.

I do not do things by accident


I, too, ship it.:rainbowdetermined2:

Or at least she can ride her like a mighty steed!
:rainbowkiss: Onwards!
:twilightblush: this is so embarrassing
:rainbowlaugh: yee-haaaaa!

Look at that. Two days in a row for top featured

do you have the source for that image? I'd like to see more from that artist.

I mean House is pretty bad too, that is kind of the point, none of them are good just bad in different ways.

Well that was one hell of a good read!

Honestly, I’m real glad someone else decided to write a deathclaw fic. (Started to think there was only going to be one or two fics about our favorite wasteland monster on here)

The story’s mighty interesting too and I’m really hoping this continues. I’ve got one in the works myself, but I’ll also be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

Keep up the good work mate!

No idea I'm afraid. Reverse image search brought up nothing and it was just randomly on my harddrive.

Is the lab Twilight woke up in based on an in-game location? The only way this would make sense if this was based on a modded run.

The deathclaw genome is a hybrid. It includes Human DNA. Breasts don't appear, but it's not theoretically impossible as a genetic throwback.

Lone wolf radio is what its based on, though obviously it has been changed.
Everything will be explained in due time. As with all of my writings, nothing is by accident.

Meh. Considering that every other faction looks to the past rather than the future, its debatable.

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